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[Solved] windows is unable to Complete the format [Solved](Pendrive/memorycard)

Hello everybody Today i am posting here how to format your pen drive if it is showing ” windows is unable to Complete the format “.


This is a strange problem I have recently begun to face and what it does is:

• the drive once you format every two trials.
• Rename the “Removable Disk” the elimination of our common name.

Why this problem occurs:

• Formatting a hard drive does not only mean deleting all the data, but also to a new file system on the hard disk. So if the device is already in the FAT (for example), the assignment can again cause this error the same system.
• There are full of opportunities, this problem is made ​​by the changes caused by a virus in the system.

What to do:

While the solution to this problem is still unknown to me, but that’s what you can do, while the hard disk is formatted.

1 Format drive to another file system NTFS first and format it with FAT.
2 As in my case the format is not performed for the second time the unit to a conflict, so you can reformat the hard drive to see again what happened.
3 You can format the drive depending on the “Disk Management”. Run Run diskmgmt.msc and format the drive from there one.

Well, if you know another way, it would be interesting to share here.

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