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Install TWRP & Root Android O Developer Preview 1 on Google Pixel/Pixel XL

In this article,we will explain you the process of rooting  and installing TWRP in Google Pixel and Pixel XL.This is a complete step by step guide.The process  of installing TWRP and rooting are pretty simple and once the TWRP is installed, you will be able to get root access on your Google Pixel and Pixel XL by flashing few specific zip files.You will be needed to download and install few things first to be able to carry out the installation process.

Many users want to root their device for getting more from it.There are many advantages of rooting your device as it allows you to install a custom ROM on your device or you can block ads of any apps or you can keep latest android version and so on.In this article,we will guide you to root  and install twrp in your Google Pixel and Pixel XL.


Gammerson.com is not responsible for any damage happened to your device(s) while following this guide, Proceed at your own risk.


  • This method is only for the GOOGLE PIXEL and PIXEL XL .Donot try it on any other device.
  • It is advisable to take a backup of your device before proceeding further.
  • Ensure that your phone has at least 70-80% charged to prevent the accidental shutdown in-between the process.
  • Enable USB debugging on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


Editing the flash-all.bat from your downloaded 7.1.2 and android o factory images
-Extract both to your working folder
-Find the “flash-all.bat” in the extracted 7.1.2 (N2G47E) right click and select “Edit”
-At this point we are going to clean the flash all up a bit. Its not a necessity but if you don’t add some much needed line breaks it can get messy and confusing.
-Below i have a screen shot of what mine looks like cleaned up. Just press enter in the places i did. *Adding the line breaks does NOT mess with the code at all*
—–Toward the end of the commands you will see i added ‘–skip-reboot” between “update” and “image-sailfish-n2g47e.zip” This command makes it to where the device will not restart after the flash-all is finished. It is important you add this in the same place.

Click image for larger version Name: Capture.JPG Views: 706 Size: 158.9 KB ID: 4116913

-Now that we have this cleaned up, go ahead and save it really quick before we start adding to it.
-We are going to add a few “–slot” commands to it so it only installs to one slot. Below you can see what mine looks like after i added the commands. Match yours to mine (highlighted by red boxes)
-If you are on marlin, your image and zip names will be different but it’s the same principal

Click image for larger version Name: Capture2.JPG Views: 700 Size: 167.2 KB ID: 4116914

-after you add what i have above, save the flash-all.bat and close out of it.

Now we move over to the android o dev preview
-Open the extracted dev preview and right click on its flash-all.bat. Select “Edit”
-We are basically doing the exact same thing in this one BUT instead of the new commands being “slot _a” they will be “slot _b” (See below for the difference and we are still adding the “–skip-reboot” command)

-Once your changes have been made in this flash-all.bat, save and close out.

Flashing the Images
Go ahead and get your Pixel into bootloader mode and plug it in.
before we start flashing we are going to clean the device up. This step will erase everything on the device.
Go into command prompt and type:

fastboot --slot _a -w

let it finish its thing then type

fastboot --slot _b -w

Device is cleaned. Now staying in bootloader type

fastboot --set-active=_b


fastboot reboot-bootloader

Now close out of this command prompt and run the flash-all.bat from the android o dev preview folder.
Let it do its thing and after its done, it should be left in bootloader.
now run the flash-all.bat from the 7.1.2 image folder you have.
Same thing; let it run its course and finish up.
Now you should be still in bootloader.
type in cmd

fastboot --set-active=_a

now type

fastboot reboot-bootloader

when it comes back up look at the phone and make sure is says the slot is “a” if it does, you’re good to move on!

Installing TWRP and Root
From here; boot into TWRP (RC1)
-Make sure youre in slot A by going to “Reboot” then looking at the bottom (It should be slot A at this point, if its not something wasnt done correctly in the above steps)
+At this point i had the issue that my pixel would show up under “This PC” in explorer and was recognized by adb BUT none of the internalstorage could be interacted with via my PC (this includes adb commands) so i couldnt get TWRP RC2 or SuperSU SR4 2.79 Extra Delay on the device to be flashed.
-To fix this: got to wipe>advanced wipe>check internal storage ONLY then wipe this partition.
-Unplug your phone and plug it back in and Windows Explorer should be able to work with the internal storage now.
-Now transfer TWRP RC2 and SuperSU sr4 2.79 Extra Delay to your Pixel
-From TWRP on your device, flash just TWRP RC2 for now. After it is installed, switch to slot b in TWRP. Then reboot to recovery.
-When TWRP comes back up, check to make sure youre in slot B still.
-If you are, now flash SuperSU SR4 2.79 Extra Delay.
-Now reboot.
-It should boot into android o, walk through setup and make sure supersu is installed.
-If it is, Congratulations you have rooted android O on your Pixel!

This method has was discovered by @Sachi315 (here)

If still any queries left in your mind,feel free to ask via comment section.

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