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How to Backup your Stock ROM of MediaTek Devices

Backing up a smartphone ROM is easy especially when it has a MediaTek processor. This step-by-step guide will teach you how to do that in minutes and you’ll be ready to flash it again 😀

How to check Mediatek Processor?

It’s easy, just download CPU-Z app from playstore and launch it. If it shows your CPU Name starting with MT then you have a MediaTek processor.

So, Now let’s cut the crap and get on with the tutorial.


How do I make a Backup?



  • Connect your phone to your PC. Install all the required softwares.
  • Launch MTK Droid Tools, Put your phone in USB Debugging mode.
  • Select Root, Backup Recovery in MTKDT
  • Select Backup Cache, Userdata and hit Backup.
  • It will take some time, after that it will ask you “Packing Backup?”. If you want to compress the backup, press Yes.

There you go! You just did a full backup of your phone ROM.


If you’ve got any other question, feel free to ask us here in the comments below!

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