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How To Create Restore Point In Window 7

Learn how to create a restore point in Windows 7. You can restore points to restore the previous system state. Restore point is automatically restore the system if the system determines, changes or if you are installing a new program (software) is created.
  1. Open My Computer or the keyboard shortcut CTRL + S (keyboard shortcut).    
  2. Then click on System Properties.
  3.  Then, click System protection. 
  4.  Check the protection enabled or disabled, is to drive the system. 
  5.   If the button then click Configure. 
  6. Then select the System Restore settings and previous versions of files.
  7. Click the Apply button again to protection
  8.  Click Create and enter the name of the restore point. 
  9.  Click the button Create a restore point is Windows 7 ready.

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