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How to create a secret Place or Partition in USB Pen Drive

Now! That’s right! Take a fun thing to a partition on your pen Drive.With can use this trick to create multiple drives on your USB stick, to show that you create to store your personal data away from friends and family, and may also prevent viruses that, when these data linked to another, the following steps computer.Just out, make a new partition or a secret place in your memory stick.

How do I create a space in your USB key secret

   1.  Proceed to download Universal USB Stick driver from here
   2.  Now connect your USB flash drive to your PC
   3.  Right click “My Computer” and select “Manage” option
   4.  Now open the window, click on “Device Manager” on the left side of the window
   5. Click on “hard” to expand it and right on the pen and select “Properties”


    6. Now on the “Details” drop-down menu and select “path to the device instance”
    7. Now just copy the values.
    8. Next, open the folder you extracted after downloading the driver universal USB flash drive. In this folder locate and open the file named ‘INF file here “in” Notepad “.

    9. Now find the words device_instance_id_goes_here “, have these words with the string, you replace only copied to the clipboard Device Manager. Save the file and close Notepad, and it is ..

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