[Fix] How to Fix Lineage OS bugs Wifi, Google Playstore, Sim card


How to fix bug of Lineage OS custom rom no sd card error, alarm bug, Google play server error.Lineage os : CyanogenMod was the biggest, most widely used custom Android ROM. Now, it has been discontinued, due in part to internal conflicts within Cyanogen Inc. A new fork of CyanogenMod called Lineage OS is taking up the mantle, and it will keep most of what you loved about CyanogenMod.


1.Fixing sdcard bug in lineage os

In stock ROMs external sdcards are mounted as sdcard/external_sd . if you are a lineage os user, you’ll find that external card is mounted as /mnt/emmc and internal sdcard as /mnt/sdcard . Don’t worry it is a little bug in lineage os. We at gammerson will give you the solution for this.

You can easily fix this bug. Henceforth you can either treat external sd card as internal storage and internal sdcard as external storage, which is best way to fix this bug Or you can very easily mount /mnt/emmc to /mnt/sdcard/external_sd  as in stock ROMs

#How to mount /mnt/emmc to /mnt/sdcard/external_sd

  1. Install terminal emulator by clicking here from google play
    (most of the devices have terminal emulator installed)
  2. Now open terminal emulator and excute following command:
    mount -o bind /mnt/emmc /sdcard/external_sd
  3. create a directory named external_sd in the sdcard before executing this command.
  4. finally Create a new directory using either file explorer app or mkdir command in the terminal emulator and you are done.

2.How to Solve Alarm Bug in lineage Os 

the Alarm Bug in the linage os based ROMs can’t be solved, you may have tried clearing the app data, clearing the cache, and even tried changing the time settings, but this is not the solution to the Alarm Not working Bug in lineage os Based Custom ROMs. Well, the clock app won’t work, but we’ve found an alternate solution which can help you wake early or remind you of Something you wanted to do during that point of time.

  1. Download alarm clock xtreme free from the google play store
  2. Once Downloaded at the Bottom of the App, you would find an Add Alarm Option, Click on it and Set the Time.
  3. Select the Ringtone and Untick “Volume Crescendo” as it produces less voice which might be of no use and might not help you wake up.
  4. Once followed the steps you have finally added alarm to your device

3.Google play service and google play error with lineage os

to solve your problem you need to flash the Gapps again follow this steps

  1. Download the minimal Gapps and libraries everything else which you can get from the play store.
  2. reboot to recovery and flash it like you flash any other mod or rom (no wipe needed)
  3. after installation the first boot may take a while since android system needs to update the dalvic cache (it takes a little longer) so be patient
  4. Now the google apps will work fine.

4.How to fix storage space running out error on lineage os devices

.if the low internal storage error popped up on your notifications tab all of a sudden after a week of updating my Cyanogenmod 14.1 or lineage os nightly to a stable version. This is the exact error message:

Storage space running out. Some system functions may not work.

How To Fix Storage Space Running Out Error

  1. Use a file manager like root explorer to get to your root directory or main directory
  2. Go to your internal storage and go to this location: data/log
  3. In the log folder your will find a lot of system dump files >> Select All and Delete
  4. Check your internal memory it should now have lots of free space.

Another possible solution should work on Samsung devices unrooted. For example the method below solved the space running low issue for Samsung galaxy S2 (I9100):

  1. Method 2: Using dialer code
  2. Dial *#9900#
  3. Now you will get a set of options
  4. Select “Delete dumpstate/logcat”

5.How to fix lineage os connection error with Google Play Store or Google

Steps to fix lineage os Connection Error with Google Play Store or Google

  1. Download the lineage os Gapps
  2. Copy and paste the Gapps file to the root folder on your phone’s internal storage.
  3. Reboot the phone into TWRP recovery.
  4. In TWRP recovery, take a backup of your current ROM/firmware: Select Backup and then do a “Swipe to Back Up” from the bottom of the screen. Wait for the backup to complete as it takes some time.
  5. Install lineage os Gapps as follows: Return to main menu of TWRP recovery, select Install. Browse to the location of the Gapps file which you copied earlier to your phone and then select ‘Swipe to Confirm Flash’ option from the bottom of the screen to flash the gapps on the device.
  6. Now re-root the phone by flashing the SuperSU file .Hit the Install button again, and then choose the SuperSU file. Choose ‘Swipe to Confirm Flash’ option at the bottom of the screen to flash SuperSU on the device.
  7. Return to recovery’s Main menu, select Reboot > System.
  8. Lunch File Manager app and allow root permission for the app.
  9. Navigate to root folder of the device, where you should be able to see the system folder.
  10. Now go to etc folder under the system folder.
  11. Copy and paste the hosts file from etc folder to sdcard. Just for backup we did this.
  12. Delete the said hosts file from etc folder under system folder.
  13. Try connecting to Google now or Google Play Store and you will find that they are working fine now.



  1. Hello, I am having a little issue with the SD Card, I can use it normally with almost any app, but I can access it throug storage settings. When I try to enter the settings app stops working. Another thing is that I don’t have a storage location settings in the camera app, I suspect it is somehow related to this.


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