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Main advantages of using VPN services and best free providers

Main advantages of using VPN services and best free providers

Why there is so much excitement about VPN?

With the level of our technological development it is easy to have your phone or other device hacked. And it hard to imagine that your internet history can be available to strangers who may harm you with their knowledge. Probably, safety is the crucial issue that makes us considering to address a VPN provider.


Main advantages of using VPN services and best free providersWhat are main benefits of using VPN?


  • When you use paid VPN your personal data, location is encrypted and secure;
  • Another business related benefit is remote access to the information available only for employees. This access is provided not only form your home or office but from any place;
  • Online VPN offers a complete anonymity while browsing the net or dealing with web applications. No one has access to your browsing history or use it against you;
  • Also it provides clients with various IP addresses if needed;
  • Due to great amount of servers and nodes connection is strong and fast, there is no way you get disconnected unexpectedly;
  • VPNs are useful when dealing with blocked websites or trying to bypass Internet filters;
  • Last but not the least thing to keep in mind is the price. It is worth paying for your safety especially, taking into account that prices are quite affordable. Moreover, customers receive 24/7 professional customer support.


Best free VPN

Free services have a lot of disadvantages among them are low speed, lack of servers, poor safety level, etc. Still, some users prefer such kind of VPN providers and here we have a list of best VPN’s free services:

Main advantages of using VPN services and best free providers

  1. HotSpot Shield is a well-known VPN provider that is supported by ads, therefore you will be dealing with annoying, spontaneous ads very often. Speed rate is commendable and it able improving protection against malware and web privacy. This service operates with Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.
  2. Private Tunnel has its servers in Amsterdam, US, UK, Canada and Switzerland. It has no monthly fees bur requires some payment for amount of traffic you use.
  3. OkayFreedom VPN service able encrypting connection and provide access to blocked websites. Free version includes only 500 MB per month but it can be enlarged to 1 GB. This service is available on Windows only.
  4. CyberGhost offers 1950 GB per month, has great connection and speed. This service counts over 200 servers in 19 countries. As well available only on Windows.


VPN’s services are getting more popular with each year and not only used in business by safety-concerned companies but also by individuals who consider internet safety and anonymity of great importance.

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