As the Pokemon Go becoming popular day by day, many people started playing this game and they are so much addicted to it to catch Pokemns .This is entirely different game from other game as it is real world game.

In this game you have to move around with your device in order to move your character in  the game. As there are no such buttons or joystick like we do have in other games.As a result, this can be very dangerous especially if you were moving on the road.

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UPDATE: We have been informed that the original source of this information is a satire news site. While we are glad this is the case the fact that it’s so believable still raises questions about the use of Pokémon GO and the dangers it could create.Here is case of a Man who is trying to catch pokemon while driving his car on Highway

Here is case of a Man who is trying to catch pokemon while driving his car on Highway.

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Pokemon Go: Major Highway Accident After Man Stops In Middle Of Highway To Catch Pikachu!MASSACHUSETTS– 26 Year-Old Lamar Hickson is accused of causing one of the worst highway accidents after stopping in the middle of the highway to catch a Pikachu.

Lamar Hickson admitted to police that he was playing the newly released Pokemon app game know as “Pokemon Go” while driving. He said “Sh*t if you wanna catch them all you gotta risk it all so I put my car in park and started tossing these balls”.

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Another Shocking real news

Pokemon Go: Player Discovers Dead Body instead of Pokemon

So if you are also playing this game and addicted to it I only want to say that Play safe and stay safe don’t just jump in from of car to catch a virtual pokemon  😀


  1. This game needs to be shut down! So many kids are walking busy downtown streets glued to there phones. It’s only a matter of time when someone gets hit by a car because of there own stupidity and of course the blame will be put on the driver. Something has to be done to get this game banned and shut down to protect innocent people just trying to get to work from these people playing this game not paying attention and risking the lives of themselves and others


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