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[Fix] Character not moving in Pokemon Go iOS & android

pokemon go for pc

Are you facing an error in Pokemon Go like the player not moving while you move? If you are playing Pokemon Go Game first time and don’t know how to play this game.Then don’t worry We help you out in understanding this game.There is not buttons or joystick in Pokemon go to move your character around you have to move around with your device in order to move the character or the player in the Pokemon Go game.

pokemon go for pc

If you are facing a problem like your player or charter is not moving in the Pokemon go then there might be a problem with you GPS or any other problem.Let’s follow below steps to troubleshoot this issue.

Method 1

#How to fix Character not Moving in Pokemon Go.

This problem occurs when your location is turned off so to turn on your location setting follow below steps.

1.Open settings of your device and now open location.

2.Now activate the location from the location toggle button.

3.Also, we have to set the mode of the location setting to set it open mode and set on High accuracy to playing Pokemon go.

5.Once done open the Pokemon go app hope now the red banner showing Failed to detect location is gone. 🙂

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Method 2

Disable mock locations in developer options.


1.Go to your “about phone”, hit build number 7 times.

2.Then open up developer options. Disable mock locations.

3.Once done open the Pokemon go app hope now the red banner showing Failed to detect location is gone. 🙂

Method 3

Did you trying moving around a little bit if you just tried to move in your house only I prefer you to go out and talk a walk with your device with Pokemon go open in it this will help the game to calibrate your GPS system with the game itself.

Also, try to run a little bit to test it out .Hope these steps will help you to solve this weird problem on character not moving in Pokemon go even you are moving.

Method 3

Watch this video.


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  • My problem is tied to GPS accuracy- When I am standing on almost any pokestop my GPS will either stop in a location 100-300ft from me, or it will run around sporadically within 50-300 feet of me while i am stationary. My only hope to get pokestops is to hope my avatar runs by the stop so that I can quickly select it before it runs away again. I’ve tried positioning myself away from the Pokestops in a way that my avatar will incorrectly display on the pokestop (fooling the error), but its almost like my avatar is coded never to stop on one… Very annoying. I have a Verizon Droid Turbo.

    • I found the resolution to my problem. First, There was a “battery saver” mode within the location services of my phone (found in settings for android 5.1) that I had to change to “high accuracy”. Secondly, I had to google how to enter the “developer options” for my device, and within that I had to disable a setting called “allow mock location”.

      Both “battery saver” and “allow mock location” let the phone predict the accuracy of your gps, but do not require it to be precisely accurate. This will cause apparent lag, your avatar to run around sporadically, and generally make your movements highly irrelevant to the gps. After I changed these settings my phone now tracks my position perfectly. The before/ after comparison is mind-blowing really.

  • Not working my gps is fine I tested it on another game to make sure it wasn’t my gps …it shows the shop near me and Pokemon but my person will not move or moves back and forth on her own…have looked everywhere to try to find a fix to this problem and can not find one …hope someone can help here cuz this is the fifth message board I’m trying to find help on

  • I’m not having a gps problem I tested it on another game (ingress) and my gps is fine but my person won’t move or moves back and forth on her own hope someone can help cuz I have had no luck figuring out how to fix this

  • There isnt anything wrong with my gps but my character wont move when i do. Doesnt matter if im on wifi or data, it just doesnt work. When i get off wifi it says no internet connectivity on the top of the screen, but then immediately goesa away. Before, during, and after i get off of wifi my character isnt moving. Help pls

  • have walked all over n been to severaI pokestops n gyms n my avatars lags n doesn’t follow well n when I’m sitting right at the pokestop and or gym It puts my guy blocks away or he will run around without moving I have mock location off n high accuracy on I’m using a HTC desire n I’m try a few things today when I go out to hunt but so far haven’t got it fixed my avatars on walked with me a few times usually he’s all ways behide me n slow noff by like 50- 100 feet when driving under 20-30 I have yet to have my work anything like my friends does on his ZTE his works so much better it’s insane he has been able to stand on every gym n pokestop we have visited but me on the other hand I can hit like 1-2 out of every 5 visited please help it’s very up setting

  • I got an iPhone 5s and whenever I’m at a park or something my character is not going to where I’m going my avatar is usually like always 50 ft away from me and never in my direct location. This makes is hard for me to get Pokemon and get to poke stops please someone help me this is very frustrating.