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Are you facing Failed to detect location on Pokemon Go on android GPS problem ?Pokemon go is just released the beta apk that you can download on your android device and I have to say it very addicting game.If you are using iphone ios then there is different guide there to solve it.

FIX Failed to detect location Pokemon go

Now  if you have installed the game and run it first time you might face this error showing Failed to detect LOCATION on your android device running on kitkat,lollipop or marshmallow on any device like Samsung,Motorola,HTC,sony Xiaomi etc then you can follow below steps to solve the location problem on Pokemon Go I have 2 methods to solve try both of them and do let me know in comments if it is solved or not.

Method 1

#How to Fix Failed to Detect Location.

This problem occurs when your location is turned off so to trun on your location setting follow below steps.

1.Open settings of your device and now open location.

2.Now turn on the location from the location toggel button.

3.Also we have to set mode of the location setting to set it open mode and set on High accuracy to playing pokemon go.

5.Once done open the pokemon go app hope now the red banner showing Failed to detect location is gone. 🙂

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Method 2

Disable mock locations in developer options.

1.Go to your “about phone”, hit build number 7 times.

2.Then open up developer options. Disable mock locations.

3.Once done open the pokemon go app hope now the red banner showing Failed to detect location is gone. 🙂

Method 3

Watch this video.


  1. Doesnt solve the problem, because newest Android or CM 13(?) doesnt have a switch for mock locations anymore
    Oneplus One

  2. I have a galaxy s5 and I tried both methods. When I click on the build number 7 times it just says developer mode has already been turned on.

  3. I feel so stupid for not trying this in the beginning… I was one of the field testers and this problem was persistent during that time as well… All because that “Allow Mock Locations” thing was on!

  4. Hey Himalaya Saxena
    Do you know how to fix it on the HTC one M7? Because on this phone there’s no “allow mock location”


  5. o meu da problema da detecta anda normal de boa nao acha pokemon, e o incenso da erro moto g 2 o aparelho e nao da pra desabilitar locais ficticios so add programa

  6. It does not work on my micromax xpress2 . Tried all the methods you told about. But still the failed to detect location problem. Help me. I am dieing to play this game. I am from India.

  7. I have Samsung Galaxy S4… I tried all 3 and none worked. My GPS works fine and my location is on. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times2… any other ideas?

  8. Number 2 worked on my little sisters Galaxy S4. Although the red banner is gone, it wont detect any pokemon around her. GPS is on hugh accuracy and she is connected to Wifi and has phone signal. Any ideas on how to possibly fix the missing pokemon issue?

  9. Sorry not working for me and I’ve done both methods. I’m trying to use my Samsung Galaxy s5 active. I broke the screen on my Samsung s6 edge and put my SIM card into the s5 active, my s6 edge I had no problems, but it is not working on my s5 active.

  10. Have a S7 and KEEP SAYING FAILED TO DETECT plese help….android version 7.0 done a update now cant use mock location


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