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No Pokestops or PokeGym in my area ? What you can do ?

No pokemon stops and pokegyms in my are

Pokemon now becomes the most popular game and most played game in United States, Canada, India almost all over the world.Due to this, it beats the active user time of facebook twitter and many other popular websites.Pokemon Go is not released in many countries still.Niantic is releasing pokemon go slowly in different countries recently they launched pokemon go in Japan.

If you are also playing pokemon go and successful in capturing many Pokemon but some of you might not see pokestops or pokegyms in your area.If you are also facing this problem, then there is no use of collecting Pokemon because without poke stops or poke gyms you can do anything with your Pokemon.

No pokemon stops and pokegyms in my are


So how can we fix no poke stops and poke gyms in your area.

Generally, Poke stops are most popular places in your are like Church, Temples, Monuments and other famous public spot.

So try to visit some familiar place in your area and check you can find one.Make sure Pokemon Go is officially released in your country.

  • Method 2

If Pokemon Go is already released in your country and the above method doesn’t work then it means Pokemon go doesn’t support your area  that’s why they didn’t make any pokestops or pokegyms in your area.

Then only one thing you can do is to ask Ninatic to make some pokestops and pokegyms in your area by messaging them and sending some picture of your nearby popular places but make sure to ask you groups friends to send the same thing to them to show them that your area really needs pokestops and pokegyms.

You can also use the request form to let Niantic know if you think a PokeStop or Gym is located in a dangerous area or to report a PokeStop that exists on your personal property.


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