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[Fix] How to Access Internal /External Storage in Marshmallow on PC

We are excited when we got Android marshmallow update in our devices but as good things come there some bad things also comes ๐Ÿ˜› Lol jk.Coming back to our topic Can’t access External SD card / Internal storage in PC running on marshmallow 6.0 CyanogenMod 13 aka CM13.Before this, we already shared the fix of the random crashing of apps on Android marshmallow in our previous post.Now the another problem faced by many marshmallow users is Then can’t connect the device to PC running on Android marshmallow. As a result, you can’t transfer files and photo to Windows PC or MAC or From PC to your mobile.

No need to worry about this there is nothing wrong with your device or with your PC.Android marshmallow is modern Android version with some different features than it’s previous Android version, i.e., Lollipop and KitKat.In the previous version you just need to connect your device from your PC/computer via USB cable and boom !! your internal, as well as external storage, can be seen on you PC/Laptop.

But there are some steps included in Android marshmallow to access internal as well as external SD card on your PC.So just follow below simple steps on How to access external/internal storage on PC via USB cable.There are two methods for doing this.

#How to access Internal/External storage in marshmallow on PC

A.Method 1

1.Firstly Connect your device with you PC or Laptop Via USB cable.

2.Now slide down the status bar.

3.You will as an option showing “USB for Charging” Tap on it for more option.

4.Then you will find four different option there as following.

  • Charging: Just Charge this device
  • File transfer: Transfer file to windows or mac (MTP)
  • Photo Transfer(PTP): Transfer Photo or file if MTP is not supported.
  • MIDI: use this device for MIDI input.

5.To transfer files on your PC or to access internal or external memory card.

6.Select File transfer option. Done! Now you can see you device drive is listed in My Computer.

B. Method 2

1.Open Settings->about phone.

2.Tap on built number 5-6 time to enable developer mode.

3.Now go back to setting you can see a new option there i.e., “Developer Options.”

4.Open Developer Options under Networking menu you will see “Select USB Configuration ” Option.

5.Open this option you will see charging is selected as default change this to MTP ( media transfer protocol)

6.Done! Now close the setting and connect your device now you can see your internal/external storage will be showing in My computer or on the desktop on Mac.

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  • I have Moto G 2nd Gen. On Marshmallow.
    I have my external SD card set as “portable storage”.
    When I connect my phone to the PC, in MTP mode, I can see the two devices, Internal as well as External SD card.
    But when I open the External SD card, no contents are seen.
    Please tell me whats the problem.
    Thank You.