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[Fix] White Spots or Line on Yuphoria’s Screen sides and Corners

Yu recently launched a budget device that is Yu Yuphoria (YU5010).Many people bought this device and quite satisfied with it but many of then facing a strange problem with their devices.Few peoples on FB and google + reported that they are facing some issue in there yu yuphoria display they are getting white lines or we can say that white spots on all sides of the screen.No one knows why it is coming. many users reported that these spots are due to placing screen guard or Tempered glass on their screen due to which their screen goes white in the corners.


As you can see the below images posted by different users facing this issue in their yu yuphoria.

#How to fix white lines in yuphoria display

So how can you fix it or prevent coming white spots on yuphoria screen?

If you are using any type of screen guard or tempered glass then just remove it as it can be the major reason for this problem.This problem can also be due to leakage of display or pressure due to extreme heat so if your device is less than 2 months old or more then you can ask for the replacement unit from Amazone.
They will surely replace your device within a week and you will get a new yu Yuphoria after 1 week or more according to your location.

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  • I deposited my phone for replacement after getting white lining on edge of screen. I got back two times with same problem. Now they are saying use the phone with same problem because its doesn't alter the functioning of phone. Completely worst services! Wait for two and half month. Will register a case very soon.

  • I think this problem is caused due to over heating because we known that the phone has a chip behind the display due to overheating the chip is leaving its print on the screen.

  • The problem is not of the tempered glass or any other screen protector it on the screen it self. It also starts spreading after some time.

  • at the middle point of the display ,screen does not work, and the all surface are spot shown.it is 1yr old…I try to call YU care but they not received my call.

  • these white patches are due to over heating of the phone. my phone was 8 months old when this issue started now its 15 months. i ignored the problem thinking that its a minor issue. Now that the patches are spreaded everywhere on the screen , the touch isn’t working properly. I spoke to the customer care and i was told to change the screen. It might cost upto 3k. Everything else in the device is perfectly fine.

  • The same problem persists here with my YU 5010 Yuphoria. My mobile is 1.6 yrs older and the problem started increasing as the touch dosent work at the bottom of the screen. sending messages and operating the bottom icons is difficult. I request for calibration of the screen and was suggested to operate the mobile in safe mode for 4 days. But the problem is not solved. The touch sensibility is decreasing day by day.. If any body receives any solution pls do forward me.