Steps to install stable MIUI V7 ROM on all Xiaomi phones like Mi 4,Mi 4i,Mi 4c,Mi 3,Mi Note Pro,Mi Note,Redmi 1s,Redmi 2/2s,Redmi Note 3g/4g,Redmi Note 2.You can install it manually by downloading Stable MIUI 7 Rom for your device.

Download MIUI 7 Rom for Xioami Redmi 2,1s,Mi4i, Mi4, Mi3,Note 4G and Note 3G copy

MIUI V7 is the latest ROM from Xiaomi. It is very beautiful & stylish ROM & the good news is that stable version of this ROM have been published. So do not waste time and install it.Just follow below simple step by step guide on how to install stable MIUI 7 Rom in any XIAOMI devices without PC or Computer.


You need to download the ROM according to your device

1.Redmi 1s-Download

2.Redmi 2/2sDownload  (stable rom is not available for this set for now)

3.Redmi Note 3g-Download (stable rom is not available for this set for now.)

4.Redmi Note 4g-Download 

5.Redmi Note 2-Download

6.Mi 4i-Download  (stable rom is not available for this set for now)
7.Mi 4c- Download

8.Mi Note Pro-Download

9.Mi Note-Download 

10.Mi Pad-Download

11.Mi 3-Download

12.Mi 4-Download

#How to install MIUI V7 stable Manually

1) After downloading the ROM, copy the ROM to internal storage ( do not put it any folder)

2) Rename it to ‘’ ( remember all are small letters)

3) Go to Tools folder-Updater app-Tap on three dots at the corner-select ‘Reboot to Recovery mode’.


[Steps]How To Install Stable MIUI V7 ROM On Any Xiaomi Devices[Steps]How To Install Stable MIUI V7 ROM On Any Xiaomi Devices
4) You can use volume +/- buttons to select up/down and power button to confirm. After entering recovery mode, choose English-select ‘Install’.
5)Done! Then it will take some time and update automatically


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