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[Steps] How to unlock bootloader of Moto X Style/Pure 2015 [Root]

As we all  know that Motorola release these all new Mobile devices this august 2015 .Moto X Style,Pure is
packed with lots or Feature and Having high performance and if you need
to increase the performance or Flash Cm12.1 or any other custom roms in it you need to root it and for rooting you need to unlock the bootloader of Moto X Style or Moto X Pure edition before rooting your device you need PC because you can’t Unlock bootloader or root it without PC.

Today in this step by step guide to unlock Bootloader of Moto X style or Moto X Pure edition 2015 because without unlocking bootloader You can’t Root your Moto X .So you have to Unlock Moto X Style or  Moto X Pure edition Bootloader.Follow below steps to Unlock bootloader of Moto XStyle and Moto X Pure edition

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#Steps to Unlock Bootloader of Moto X Style or Moto X Pure

1.Install Motorola usb driver and Mfastboot.zip and extract it  Following below steps.
Note: Make sure you backup your data as will it will reset you device.

2. Turn Off your Device.

3. Turn The device On again by holding
volume down button and power key for 5 sec and release it.You will see 
Boot loader will be open on the screen.Like below image.
4. Now plug your device with you PC.
5. Open Mfastboot folder and hold the shift key and right click on the mouse the in any black space
in that folder you will see open command window here click on that.

6. Now Command from will be open type the below code in that window.

         fastboot oem get_unlock_data

7.  Now you will some some code in
different line just copy that code in notepad and delete all the blank
space so that  you will  get a single line string.

8. Now copy that link and head towards motorola’s unlock the boot loader site (Sign on the site with you Gmail Id or Google +).


9. Paste the long code in the site and click on Can my device be unlocked.
how-to-unlock-bootloader-of-moto-x-style-pure how-to-unlock-bootloader-of-moto-x-style-pure
10. If it can. then,the Request Unlock
key button will appear below. Check I agree and click Request Unlock
Key. The unlock key will then be
send via email to the email you logged in with to the Motorola site.
11.When you get the key in your gmail id now copy that code and go back to command prompt and type the following code and hit enter.
Code:        fastboot oem unlock YOURKEY

12. Congratulation you Just unlocked  bootloader or Moto X Play.


Note:Images are only for reference it may vary from your device.

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Now you can flash TWRP recovery in Moto X Style and Moto X Pure edition

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