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How To Get Force Touch/3D Touch On Any Android Device?

Force touch or we can say that 3D touch is a technology seen in IPhone 6s plus and Huawei mate S.Now there are many question dribbling in your mind like Can we also get force touce in our android device ? IF yes then how can we get the awesome feature and the answer is YES ! Now you can also get this force touch feature in you android device running on android lollipop or kitkat.
Here we going to tell you step by step tutorial to get 3D touch in your android device.For this you must have Rooted device and you need to install Xposed framework in your device then follow below steps.

Warning: We
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Do it at your own risk and follow the instructions properly.


1)You must have a rooted phone.

2)Downlod Xposed Framework (Download) for kitkat.
3)Download Xposed Framework for lollipop 5.0.1 or 5.1.1 [HERE].

4)Make a backup of your device rom and data also.

#How to enable Force Touch/3D Touch Feature in any android device.

1)Firstly Install Xposed Framework in your device.

2)After installing Xposed framework reboot you device once.

3)Now open Xposed Framework app->Download->Search System wide Force touch xposed module and then Download it.


4)Go to Modules->Activate this module-> and then reboot your device again.


5)Tap the top button to calibrate the screen and use lower half button to test it.

6)Then reboot again to activate it.

Done! To test it,press any button or any link with little more pressure. It work almost with all apps.

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