[iOS]Download XMODGames v2.1 latest version iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini

Now download latest version of xmodgames v2.1 for ios devices as we arlreasy share this latest version of xmodgames for android devices you can check it here [APK] Download XMODGames v2.1.apk latest version for Android .It is an awesome app that will provide mods for you favorite
games that you play on you Iphone the name of the app is Xmodgames 2.1 version for iOS.
Many of you surly families with some popular games like Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Boom Beach, Candy Crush Saga,Subway Surfer8 ball Pool and many more similar to this.

►Whats is Xmodgames ?

XModGames is an free app that can be installed on 
jailbroken iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. If 
you’ve smartphone, you can install iModGames for Android
devices from here.

►Xmodgames for Android

XMod Games can be installed from Cydia on iDevices or from there official website www.xmodgames.com and its completely free tweak

Learn more about Xmdogames here complete guide

►Requirement of running Xmodgames app in Iphone

1.Jailbroken iDevices
2.Cydia Installer
3.AppSync Unified Plugin
4.Official repository

►How to install Xmodgames v2.1 in iOS 

1.Download XModGames and install on iPhone or iPad, you must add below repository to download it…
Add this ►http://apt.xmodgames.com

2.Once you successfully installed this repo source in your 
Cydia repository list
3.Search For “XModGames” in Cydia when you 
find this click on install to install it on your Iphone. 

#Download latest XModgames v2.1 for iOS

1.Download XMODgames v2.1 


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