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[video] How to use Android wear Moto 360 With Iphone or Ipad

There may be one confusion that we can’t pair any android wear device with any iOS device like IPhone or Ipad.But that’s not true now we can pair and use android wear device like Moto 360, LG G watch,Samsung watch,Sony Smart watch 3,easily with in seconds.
Google is now working on making android wear smart watches compatible with Iphone and other Ios devices.So that they can combat with apple smart watch also.Now you can connect android wear smart watches with your Iphone or Ipad.

lets start with the steps to connect android wear smart watch with any IPhone or iOS devices .For this tutorial We are taking Motorola’s Moto 360 watch for connecting it with iOS device.


#How to pair Moto 360 With Iphone or Ipad

before starting I have to clear that this method not work every time so you have keep trying until you get success.
1.You need to download a couple of app for both android watch and Iphone.
2.Download Wear Connect for iOS available on play store for you Android smartwatch.
3.Download BLE Utility  app for iOS device from app store and install it in your iOS device.
4.Once that’s done the Moto 360 can be paired with the iPhone and/or iPad,
at which point iOS notifications should start appearing on the Moto

You can check below video or reference.CREATED BY JUDKINS

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