Blackberry Venice Listed on Xda-developer Forum !

Blackberry Venice was the first android device by Blackberry company and also the first android device with touch screen as well as qwerty slider keypad .After seeing the Blackberry Venice I loving it as it looks very sexy with curved display and slider keypad  with double tone led flash light at back.Images has now arrived courtesy to Tinhte.Blackberry Venice will be running on latest android lollipop 5.1.1.Thought the date of release is not disclosed yet and no information of Price of Blackberry Venice in US,UK,Canada and India yet.
You can have a look through them all below images.As it is listed in XDA developers we soon getting development stuff like rooting,Custom recovery and Roms also for Blackberry Venice once it is officially released.


 After seeing the images of Blackberry Venice do let us know that would you like to buy this one or you will stick with your touch screen android devices.


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