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[Trick] How to make Middle Finger Emoji in whatsapp on android or windows.

how-to-make-middle-finger-emoji-in-whatsapp-gammersonNow you can make Middle Finger Emoji in whatsapp on Android or windows yes you read it correct a middle finger on whatsapp.As it is not included in whatsapp emoji or Emoticon list but it is hidden.

image courtesy :Android police

To do so just copy the content from the site below and then open your whatsapp and past it in your whatsapp chat box voila!you just make a middle finger Emoji on whatsapp.
The code looks like this  ->

Copy The code for this site graphemic.com.

In some case it may not work if you are having an custom rom installed which may not support this and may show only empty box or question mark in it it was tested in my Moto G 2nd gen and LG G4 do comment below it works or not works in your device..

Note:Please don’t harass or irritated anyone with this.You may know that “A middle finger emoji, used in some western cultures as a rude or
insulting gesture. The back of the hand is shown with the middle finger

It is working and tested on the following version of whatsapp 
WhatsApp versions 2.12.194 and 2.12.197 if it not works try on these version.

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