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Download Whatsapp calling apk for Blackberry 10

After the successful launch of whatsapp calling feature on android and windows ,iOS now its time for Blackberry user.Whatsapp launch whatsapp calling feature for Blackberry user also today.
Through whatsapp calling feature user can place a call that is Voip to their  friends and family through whatsapp messenger app using internet.Now you can enable whatsapp calling feature in blackberry by downloading whatsapp calling activated apk. from below link.
As we already share about on” How to activate whatsapp calling in Android.”

The latest update of whatsapp messenger app allows blackberry user to make free VoIP call all over the world.
You can download the free whatsapp calling apk for blackberry 10
from below link.


Latest Updates in whatsapp

►Improved font scaling to better match the system display font size setting.
►Font and highlighting updates to better match the system style on OS 10.3
►Improved support for focus and navigation on the BlackBerry Classic
►Location messages now show a larger map preview
►Added “Add to Contacts” context actions to the chats list (for chats with unknown contacts) and to the group info screen (for unknown group participants)
Added custom ringtone selection for incoming WhatsApp calls (Settings, Notification Settings, Call notifications)
►Added year/month subdirectories for received pictures, and WhatsApp-specific subdirectories for received audio and video
►Added counts to the Favs/Groups/Contacts tabs when pulling down the list past the beginning
►Miscellaneous fixes and updates

#Download Whatsapp calling app for blackberry

►Download calling whatsapp

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