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All in one tool android development HTC M 9 rooting

{*TOOL}WinDroid Universal Android Toolkit v2.3 | Unlock | Root | Flash | 90+ Devices

This is a GUI program built in Visual Studio 2013 using
the C# programming language that takes many ADB and Fastboot commands
and puts them into an easy to use toolkit that supports a ton of Android
devices. Like HTC One M9,And other HCT device root then easily with this all in one tool for HTC devicesIt’s goal is to simplify the process of unlocking a device’s
bootloader, flashing a custom recovery and gaining root for the newbies
of the Android world. If you find it helpful, give me a thanks and a
donation if you can. If you find a bug or have a feature request, feel
free to leave a reply.  happy rooting!


– Many Devices Supported
– Beautiful MetroUI Theme
– Full Bootloader Unlock
– Automatic HTC Token Retrieval
– Gain Permanent Root
– Flash Custom Recovery
– Flash Custom Kernel
– Flash Custom ROMs
– Sideload Zips
– Push Files
– Install Apps
– Relock Bootloader
– and so much more!


►WinDroid Universal Android Toolkit

#Is you  HTC device supported or not visit this link to check 

Now below is the full tutorial of this program on how to root,fglash recovery and all

[HOWTO] [WIP] Unlock Bootloader | Flash Recovery | Flash Custom ROM | Gain Root |


  • WinDroid Universal Android Toolkit
  • Supported Device (At least 50% charge)
  • Windows XP – 10
  • USB Cable

Unlock Bootloader

  1. Open the WinDroid Universal Android Toolkit.
  2. Download and install the ADB drivers if it prompts you to.
  3. Choose your device from the list. Wait a few moments while it downloads the correct recoveries.
  4. Turn on your device, go to Settings > Developer Options and Enable USB Debugging
    and plug it in. If the toolkit does not recognize your device
    immediately, click on the Refresh button in the bottom right corner.
    – If you are on Android 4.2.2 or above, and you do not see a button for
    Developer Options, you will need to go to Settings > About >
    Software Information > More and quickly tap on Build number multiple times until it tells you that Developer Options has been unlocked.
  5. Please follow the instructions for your corresponding device. If
    your device is not listed, follow the instructions under All Others.

    • AT&T One X
      – Click the button labeled Gain SuperCID in the Unlock Bootloader box. A command prompt will open and it will help your phone gain SuperCID. Once it finishes, follow the instructions under All Others.
    • Droid DNA
      – Unfortunately, you can’t unlock your bootloader through the toolkit
      due to Verizon’s stupidity. The toolkit will link you to a proper
      unlocking method. You can utilize every other feature of the toolkit.
    • Droid Incredible 4G LTE
    • OnePlus One
      – Click the button labeled Unlock Bootloader. Your phone will reboot and it will confirm that you want to unlock. THIS WILL WIPE ALL OF YOUR DATA!
      Use the power buttons to scroll to Yes and confirm with the power
      button. Your bootloader is now unlocked! You can now skip to the Flash Custom Recovery section of the guide.
    • Verizon M7/M8
      – Unfortunately, you can’t unlock your bootloader through the toolkit
      due to Verizon’s stupidity. The toolkit will link you to a proper
      unlocking method. You can utilize every other feature of the toolkit.
    • All Others
      – Click the button labeled Get Token ID in the Unlock Bootloader
      box. This will reboot your device into bootloader, retrieve your Token
      ID, and open a text file that contains your Token ID and further


  6. Now that you have your Token ID, you can now submit it to HTCDev,
    which should have opened in the background when the text file opened
    previously. If it did not open, you can open the link here.
    Please login to your account or create and activate one with a valid
    email address. Once you have done that, go back to the HTCDev link,
    scroll to the bottom of the page, and paste the Token ID you were given in the previous step. Click Submit, and wait for the email from HTC on the email you created the HTCDev account with.
  7. Once you have received the email from HTCDev, download the attached file in the email named unlock_code.bin.
    This is the unlock token that can unlock your specific device’s
    bootloader. Once it has successfully downloaded, click on the button
    named Unlock Bootloader in the bottom left corner. If your device
    is not already in bootloader, this will reboot your device into
    bootloader, and flash the unlock_code.bin file. A prompt will appear on
    your device confirming if you would like to unlock your bootloader.


    Press the Volume Up button once, and press the Power button once to confirm the unlock. Your device will now restart.

Your device is now unlocked! You can now proceed to flash a custom recovery and gain permanent root in the next steps.

Flash Custom Recovery

  1. Move to the next box on the right named Flash A Recovery You now have two methods available to flash a recovery.
    • Automatic Method (Recommended)
      – You are given different options for recoveries depending on your
      chosen device. Please choose the correct device variant.
    • This means
      that if there is more than one recovery option, match the one that
      corresponds with your carrier/model/country, etc.
    •  If you are not sure
      which option you should choose, please research some more or ask in this
      thread before you move on.
      – Once you have made your choice, click on the Flash TWRP button for the correct variant. Your device will then reboot into bootloader and flash your chosen recovery.


    • Manual Method
      – If you are having any issues with the automatic method, such as missing recoveries, you can download them manually here.
      Find the folder that matches the name of your device, then download all
      the recoveries within the folder.
    • Then, move those files into the
      folder named Recoveries within the Data folder created by the toolkit.
      Finally, you can proceed with the instructions given for the Automatic
    • (If your device has only one variant, the file should be named
      Recovery.img. If it has two or more variants, the files should be named
      Recovery1.img, Recovery2.img and Recovery3.img).

You are now rocking a custom recovery! You can now proceed to gain permanent root.

Gain Permanent Root

  1. Move to the next box on the right named Gain Root.
    • Click on the button named Flash SuperSU and select Yes.


    • SuperSU will now begin to download. Once it finishes, SuperSU will
      be pushed to your device and your device will be rebooted into recovery.


    • Once your device has booted into recovery (TWRP), tap on Install in the top right corner. Then, scroll until your find SuperSU.zip. Tap on it, and swipe to confirm flash.


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  • This is my first attempt at flashing a ROM on a phone and been having a little confusion. I downloaded a custom ROM bt cant seem to find clearconsistent instructions. is flashing a ROM and flashing a recovery the same thing?

    I tried loading the ZIP by Sideloading the file. The phone was in the Sideload status but eventually failed.

    Flash Recovery button is looking for an image file so do i export the image file from the ROM zip file?

    ANy helpclarity would be helpful.