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How to run your mobile games on your PC/laptop?

Do you like your mobile games?Do you want to play your mobile games on your PC or laptop?Here is a solution.Mpowerplayer is
a technology based company which is s solution for the video game
industry to enable its users to play their favorite video games on their
PC.You can browse and play the demo versions of many mobile games on
your PC.If you like the game,you can buy it and you can also transfer it
to your mobiles.

Mpowerplayer supports ‘Java’ files and
also ‘.jar’ files.It loads these files from hard disk and runs them
without any difficulty.
run your mobile games on your PC/laptop

Steps to install Mpowerplayer on your PC/laptop:

1.You need to have a Java Runtime Environment(JRE) on your system as it is a java file.
2.If you don’t have,you can download it from here.
3.Now download the Mpowerplayer from internet.You can download it from Softpedia from here or you can download it from Cnet from here or from mpowerplayer website itself.
4.After downloading this .jar file on your system,open .jnlp file and launch it.
5.Mpowerplayer now installs all the required files on your system.After installing run the program.
6.You are done.
Mpowerplayer is also available for Mac users.
Plz inform me if I had missed anything and if you have any queries regarding the post,feel free to ask through comments.
Thank You….:)

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