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Tips and trick to boost internet speed in android

1. The first point is obviously to be found in the vicinity of your internet hotspot and use it as a quick and active. And when connected to a broadband that are simply distributed over Wi -Fi , so you can take this thing and enjoy faster speeds .
2 . All
bonds , lead to the use of mobile Internet or EDGE can be completely
covered in a stuffy room with walls and think boards acceptance of
mobile Internet services , it is preferable to use outdoors with no
walls or anything.
3 . The
use of mobile internet to serious side times can the speed , because
the traffic is very low to increase with time, which is for @ Night ,
then try to use it at night because it can really help.
4 . Can
update Mobile firmware new values ​​or mods get quickly to your phone,
What can increase the speed and thus always check more monthly
connectivity, if an update for your phone.
5 Well, the last thing that will cost you some money, but can show an
increase in speed , is that buying IE antenna amplifier can quickly pick
up more signals and gain more connectivity So you can try if you find
So what are the 5 tips that will help you to increase your internet speed !
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