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Want to CALL FREE from computer to mobile here is the solution

Hello Friends..

Now a day’s VoIP
(Voice Over Internet protocol) is going to change our internet
experience by providing free calling facility all over the world by just
using internet..
We all love to make free calls from internet..:)
There are lots of websites and web-clients offering internet to internet calling facility..Gtalk is One of them…

But what if I tell you the trick by which you can make calls from free internet to mobile phones..?
Isn’t it Sound Cool..?

Hmm..To Make Free Calls From your pc To Mobile Phones All You need is a MIC or Headphone

Making international calls using VoIP
has became very cheap to most of the international destinations. But
still if you want it to be free, you have some options with limitations.
On FreeVcalls we have discussed various tricks like Ringplus, evaphone(not
free anymore) to help you make free calls using VoIP. Today we will
discuss about Call2Friends.com, which allows you to make free
international calls to most of the international destinations like
INDIA, China, USA etc. Read on for details. 

Call2Friends.com is web based VoIP service. You just need to have a good internet connection , headset mic and you are done. 

How to Make Cheap International Calls from Your Browser?
If you finish the registration procedure and become a member of Call2Friends, you will reap the following benefits:

  1. Limited amount of TOLL FREE Internet calls to ANYWHERE per day.
  2. Cheaper international calls than those offered by Skype. For more information of the calling rates, please click HERE.
  3. Limited number of FREE SMS to your friends and families each day.
  4. Latest news about the innovations concerning VoIP and TOLL FREE CALLS.

Call2Friends offers a free and high quality communications to people
around the globe. If you want to enjoy cheap or free international calls
offered by this website, just act now and donnot delay!

You will be shown the duration of the free call. 
Call2Friends.com gives you a daily quota to make free call per
destination. If you want to call more you need to buy credit to make
cheap international calls. 

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