Free Mobile Recharge using Amulyam

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Solve questions and win free recharge
Here i am going to say about free recharging sites in internet.Are you wasting money by making recharges,Then here is the time for changing that. There are many sites provides Free Recharge and many of that are fake and some them are good and we can just have to solve questions and win free recharge
One of the site is

  • Amulyam

    1.It is the best site i ever used it is very easy to use and intant payment
    2.Amulyam gains popularity in India in recent two years and very popular service among Indian mobile users. Amulyam
    has many ways to get talktime in our wallet.
    They provides emails of
    advertisers that sends to us and each opening of the mail will get .25ps
    in the wallet. They provide 2-3 advertisement mails every day.
    3.When the
    wallet reaches Rs.10 you can make recharge. Another way for increase
    the earnings in the wallet is to play and create contest or quiz.
    Playing contest will give .
    25ps and creating contests make you to earn
    high. Create a quiz with 10 questions will get you Rs.5. For Approved questions will get 50ps per question.
    4.Another way is to purchase air tickets and buying things it will offer you Rs. 500 instantly. Also you can refer friends and make money. Each referral will get you Rs. 1.
    Embeepay is a Facebook Application it provides points  and when we sign up it gives 100 points. 30 points will give you 10Rs top up and 150 points will give you 50Rs Recharge.300 points will give you 100Rs


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