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Download Zero Reflex Game and Get a Chance to Win $10000

Zero Reflex is the new android Game which is very addictive.The Developer of Zero Reflex offering $10000 to the one Who finishes the Games first without cheats or hacks.This Games is available on All the platforms Android,Apple Iphone ,Mac and windows,PC also.


You can download the Zero Reflex Game from the link given below.The games is free to Download for Andorid Users where as it is paid for IOS and Windows users.

#What is Zero Reflex ?

Do you have what it takes to win $10.000?
bullets, shurikens, rockets, saws and time … they’re all after you!
Zero Reflex is a psychedelic evader which tests both your dexterity and
your nerves in a fast-paced punishing environment that keeps pushing
your limits. Zero Reflex puts 60 challenges in front of you. You have no
save points and no excuses! Be faster than a blink of the Eye!

◈◈◈ FEATURES ◈◈◈


● Minimalist, clean design
● Action packed psychedelic levels
● The further you go the harder you are punished for your mistakes
● 3 game modes: Normal, Hard and Nightmare
● 60 challenges


Google is in no way connected to the Contest!

How to win US $10,000 in Zero Reflex game
Here’s the part dictating how you win the US$10,000 though:

The first global player to finish the game in all its 60 challenges
without cheating or hacking will be given the option to contact Adminde.
Each entry of a finished game will be examined by Adminde. When Adminde
establishes that the entry of a finished game was achieved without any
cheating or hacking the winner will be announced and contacted.


1.Download Zero Reflex.apk for android [For free]

2.Download Zero Reflex for Iphone [$2.99]

3.Download Zero Reflex for Windows

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