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Make your own recharge website like paytm

Recharge API

Its now almost every webmaster dream to make a recharge website like paytm, mobikwik which provide mobile, dth and datacard recharge service.
Since its a very profitable business so the recharge service provider
are giving such services at very high cost. For example if you search in
google “mobile recharge api“, “dth recharge api” or “data card recharge api” then you will find some website which offer you recharge api service.
But when you ask them pricing for the recharge api
then you will shock to hear the cost as some website will tell
Rs.50,000 one time setup fee, Rs.25,000 one time setup and some might
say as low as Rs.5,000 one time setup fee.
Really all these companies
are looting to Indian people. But now i will tell you a new website
which offering their mobile recharge api, dth recharge api and datacard
recharge api cheap at just Rs.1,000 only. Yes! you hear right..its just Rs.1,000 only that have to paid in advance per year.
Now some of people might not known about the word “RECHARGE API“.


I will explain you the meaning of this word in simple way.
A recharge api is just a simple http url like
http://google.com but
in this case its lenght is little longer. When you buy recharge api from
some website then they will give you a HTTP LINK which looks like:


Now you have to integrate such recharge api in your website or
application. Its not a difficult task to integrate. You can also hire
some webmaster to do the same on behalf of you.
These recharge api can
also be directly enter in web browser if you want to test the recharge
api just like you visit a website normally.
Now coming to the point, in order to make your own recharge website
like paytm, mobikwik, etc.
you need to buy a recharge api. I would
suggest you to start with low budget recharge api providers like jolo.in
They will give you mobile,dth,datacard recharge api at just Rs.1,000
annual basis. Their commission rates are also good to be get started.
Second thing you need to make a website like paytm, mobikwik is the
payment gateway. This is the part where most of the people dream ends
here because most of the payment gateway provider in India offering
their credit card, debit card and netbanking service at very high cost
and hence high volume of investment is required to buy a payment
But in todays date, CCAVENUE is giving its payment gateway free of cost. you can check the pricing here.

Overall, i would suggest buy any payment gateway which offers lowest
transaction rate regardless of all the features you got. For example,
use only debit card payment gateway from ccavenue as they charge only 1.25% per transaction. So in this way you can start a website like paytm, mobikwik, etc.
Good Luck for your recharge website..and if you have developed your
recharge website by using jolo.in and ccavenue then let me know how it
works and also share your website name with us.


About the author

Himalaya Saxena

A web developer, Tech Enthusiast, debugger, blogger, and programmer.
I have the thirst to learn and create :)


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  • Yes dude its awsm jolo.in rocks because they giving free recharge api of mobile,dth,data card and bill payment too.. Thanks for dis post

  • hi thanks a lot for this information but do you know or can provide scripts for website like paytm or mobikwik etc.

  • Dear Sir,

    I am going to start Online Mobile Recharge Website like PAYTM, MOBIKWIK etc., There are so many queries i have.

    1. Do we need to pay service tax if we use payment gateway for our merchant website for Mobile recharge services?

    Example : If someone recharge for Rs. 100/-.
    And Commission for mobile recharges are very low like 2% in an average, which is swallowed by TDR (Transaction Charges) for payment gateway service. So Rs. 2 will be deducted by payment gateway company.
    Service Tax is 12.36%. Do we have to pay Rs. 12.36 for Rs. 100 Transaction?
    It is impossible for us to pay this amount because no profit margins will be left to pay this service tax.

    2. Is there any cheap payment gateway company available in India, which charge flat 2% for all payment options like Internet Banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards etc or less? I have checked so many companies like CCAVENUE, PAYU, PAYUMONEY, TRANSECUTE, DIRECPAY, EBS etc. but the TDR charges are high from the commission we get.

    3. Do we have to maintain funds in our merchant wallet when user recharges their mobile through payment gateway?

    4. Any other charges will be paid if any user keeps the amount in E-Wallet on our recharge website for future recharges?

    All suggestions will be appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards

    Vivek John

  • Hi All !!
    Hope am not that much late in responding to the above mentioned questionnaire…

    Today, recharge portals similar to that of freecharge : paytm are creating a big buzz in market and are a good source of income too..

    Like for getting the portals in ready phase well intergated with payment gateway with API for recharges in not a bog deal.. the deal is to get the portal running and attracting the crowd to use it.. process recharges through it.. and thus bring advertisers too ..so as to add on more revenues!!

    Like the API which are being offered in Market these days free of cost are being offered at too low commissions and thus reducing and affecting the revenues…

    And then the other issue is development of an well integrated Android App… so what if you can save all your time and efforts and get the entire portal developed in specified duration with Apps and all… with recharge API at 4% for b2c portal and payment gateway at only 1% commission that too with advertisers ready to invest in for coupons.. from the first day itself..!!

  • Hello sir,
    thank you for sharing such necessary information…
    sir, i have the same questions which is asked by SUNDAYFREAK(vivek john)…sir, it will be great if you answer that questions.
    prasad sadaphule

  • Dear Sir,

    I m very much struggling to learn web designing, for this i have contacted many people bt failed to get help,
    Now i have come to u with a hope.

    would u plz guide me how to create single sim multi recharge website.

    M learning web designing with the help of online tutorials n youtube Videos.
    Currently m learning css.i have completed html.

    From pawan,

  • Dear sir ,
    Hi my name is Badal . I am start my own websites / app
    For business purpsB2B and B2C .
    Step .
    1. Recharge Api buy ( Jolo Api charge 20000 & 25000 one time fees.
    2 . Web developed
    Overall total cost ?

    • Hi Badal, if you really want to become to agent, first dont go with your own site. Join as retailer with any dealer, so they will give you portal and wallet too. Observe the bussiness model for some time so that you can get good understanding..then you can invest more based your experience..meanwhile you can get/increase customer base and it is easy for you enroute your customers to your site. We will provide you retailer loging only for 999/- only. Please contact if your are seriously looking for it. Thankyou.