Root Cm13 now. If you are facing problem in Root checker that is it is showing that Sorry! your Device not Rooted properly on CM13 or CM12.1.If you are facing same problem In your device too then no need to worry.Update:This method will not work on Oneplus devices like Oneplus one, Oneplus two , Oneplus X.So let’s start the steps to root CM13.

Today i will tell you how to Root CM 13 android marshmallow 6.0 Without using any third party app.As CM 12.1 comes with in built root app you just need to enable it from setting.Follow below step by step tutorial to enable root access in Cm13 and get Super su in it.


#Steps To Enable Root Access In Cm 13

1.Firstly go to settings in your Cyanogenmod 13 Rom.

2.Now open About phone menu in the last.
3.Then tap on Build Number 5-6 time to enable developer option.
4.After enabling developer option Go back to settings and open Developers options.
5.Then turn on the developer option by sliding the switch ON
6.then Scroll down and Select Root access option .
7.Then from the menu select enable Root for apps and Adb.
8.Done!You successfully enable Root access in your CM 13 marshmallow 6.0
If you face any problem you can comment below 😀


  1. please, give us something more, anyone who know how to flash custom rom should know this, we need a diferent boot image an them to flash the nem SuperSU 2.52, but i only found the custom boot image to stock marshmalow

  2. I am using moto G2 XT1068. I did as u said but wen I try to switch on my phone it doesn't.I kept it DAT way for abut an hour but it did not start and kept showing the marshmallow sign. Please help.

  3. yes i have some problem i flash cm 13 on lenovo a6000 plus and go to debloper optins and tick out root acces adb and aps but it still not working i thik its need supersu.any have a solution how to root plese write blow this comment thank you…….

  4. Hi man! I do what you say. But doesnt work, i have an LG l70, i install the súper su for marshmellow, but still not working, king root doesnt work un this ROM, i hace to back to cm 12,un cm 12 the king root works perfectly

  5. I have oneplusone I’m running on cm13 and 6.0.1 i’m not able to find that root option you are telling in developers option..

  6. I cant even find the root access option after enabling dev options.. this is frustrating.. it shows most of the other dev options but not root access

  7. i have the same problem…
    Im running it on a OnePlus One, got the official update and everything and yet it seems like something’s wrong..

    Have a great evening! 🙂

  8. I’m using a One Plus one and I had root on it before with Android Kit Kat. Then I updated it to Marshmallow and it still had root. But now the root is gone somehow even if I enabled root under Developer Options it says Root Apps and ABD but my phone is not rooted. What do I do? Thank you

  9. I have problem when i enable root access aps and adb, my device is Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and up to cm 13. If i flash the supersu, i scare about my phone is bootloop, please help!

  10. I am using cm13 on lava pixel v1 I am trying to root the I applied all methods but not working even installation of super su also it also not responding please help me

  11. This works flawlessly for me on s4 sphl720t running cyanogen 13 6.0 marshmallow..I had been searching and searching for a Odin way to root, I had no idea it was this simple. Thank you so much!

  12. i m using OPO running cm 13.1 , i was not able to find root access even after enabling developer options (i m sure its not there in cm 13.1), also some features are missing on my ROM like multi task window,but it was OTA update. kindly help plz

  13. I am using Cm13. I enabled the root access. it is going fine. but I want to use super su app. how can I enabled super su?. I installed super su but it says update binary and I can’t do it all time failed.

  14. Hello, I did the above process, but Root account is not usable. Rom checker says STAGE 2 OK : Superuser binary files OK, but STAGE 3 Failed : root user account error : : write failed : EPIPE (Broken pipe).
    Would you know please how to fix this ?
    Thank you,
    P.S. When I installed CM13 with my CWM 6.0.46, then the opengapps, then the superSU binary, at the end, when selected roboot now, it would propose me to “fix root”, saying root access could have been lost. If I would do that, the new rom would never complete boot. I then tried to install by finishing with a “no” on this choice, and it booted, but now I have no root access.

  15. Hello, i have an LG L70 running CM13. I had a CWM Recovery before i updated it to CM Recovery that doesn’t work and i can’t enable root access following your steps. And now, i can’t root my phone without flashing it via recovery and i can’t install a recovery since i don’t have root. If anybody knows a way to flash recovery without root, let me know please, my phone is useless now!

  16. Hello friend, I flashed my lenovo a6000 to cm 13 , I checked developer option there is no root access option. then I tried to flash super user via twrp it is also failed. Now,
    how to enable root in my cm 13 ROM.


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