How To Track WhatsApp With mSpy


One of the most common questions that we encounter is: Is it possible to track WhatsApp activity on a smartphone? The simple answer to this question is yes! Through the use of a spy app, you can easily track WhatsApp messages on an Android smartphone or an iPhone that is owned by your kid, loved ones, or an employee. In this article, we will be focusing on the spy app known as mSpy that enables us to track WhatsApp activity remotely and without getting caught.

How To Track WhatsApp?

Let us now move on to how you can remotely monitor the WhatsApp activity on a smartphone through the use of the world’s leading spying and monitoring software, mSpy. But before we proceed forward, let us first take a look at the key features of this incredible spy app for Android and iOS.

Key Features of mSpy:

Given below are the list of key features of the mSpy app:

  • WhatsApp spy: Through the use of mSpy, you can track WhatsApp activity (including messages and multimedia) on the target device from a remote location through the use of the web-based control panel of mSpy.
  • View call logs: You can preview all the incoming/outgoing calls from a smartphone with their call duration, time and date stamp, and contact number.
  • Location tracking: You can easily monitor the visited places and location of the target device through mSpy. You can even set up geo-fencing that will alert you when the device goes out of a specified region or area.
  • Text messages and email monitoring: View all the incoming and outgoing messages and emails from the target device. This feature can also be used for snapchat spy hack, Skype, Facebook, and Viber monitoring, as well.
  • View browser history: You can look at all of the websites that have been visited from the device that is being monitored.
  • Key logging: Record and log every keystroke that is made on the target device – this is a useful way for finding out passwords and other sensitive information.


Perhaps the best part about the mSpy, which sets it apart from all other spy apps is that it is completely compatible with both Android and iPhone with no jailbreak required for the latter, as well! For monitoring an iPhone without jailbreak, all you need to do is to enter the iCloud credentials for the target device into the control panel of mSpy and ensure that the iCloud backup is enabled. Once this is done, you can easily monitor contacts, email messages, text messages, call logs, events, notes, browser history, and WhatsApp messages and calls by simply accessing the data from the mSpy control panel.

However, if you are looking for more advanced features to be enabled then you will need to ensure that you have a jailbreak iPhone and a rooted Android device (track WhatsApp service is not available if your Android device is not rooted). Here is everything you can achieve with a jailbreak iPhone and a rooted Android device with mSpy: Call logs, text messages, email messages, social media activity, location tracking, calendar activities, notes, Instagram tracking, blocking apps and services, and disk wipe (delete all data from device).

It is important to mention here that with jailbreak iPhones and rooted Android smartphones, mSpy cannot track WhatsApp calls – you will have to make use of an alternate tool such as FlexiSpy for this purpose.

Getting Started With mSpy:


For setting up mSpy for tracking WhatsApp, the first step is to purchase mSpy and then set up your own mSpy account (so that you can access the control panel).

You can choose a subscription plan depending on your requirements and budget. There are three subscription plans on offer by mSpy – Basic ($29.99 per month), Premium ($69.99 per month), and Bundle Kit ($84.99 per month).

When providing the personal details, make sure that the information that you provide is correct and that the email address is valid since this is where all instructions will be sent.

Once you have an account set up, the next step is to install mSpy on the device that you need to monitor. In the case of a non-jailbreak iPhone, you do not need to have physical access to the device – you just need to know the iCloud credentials for it that you can enter in the mSpy control panel. In the case of jailbreak iPhone and Android devices, you need physical access to the device from which you will need to login to the mSpy control panel and then use the Setup wizard for installing it and configuring it on the target device.

After this, you can track WhatsApp activity on the target device from any other computer or mobile device that you have by simply logging into your mSpy account and accessing the control panel.


We hope that all of your queries regarding the question: How to track WhatsApp have been resolved now. mSpy is a simple and powerful tool that is compatible with all kinds of devices and will allow you to track WhatsApp conversations and messages without being detected from a remote distance.


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