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How to recover deleted SMS from Android [Guide]

I accidentally deleted my messages from my Android smartphone, how to recover now? Can someone tell me how to recover deleted or lost messages on my Android phone ? I lost all my messages after the recent firmware update, what to do?

If you are also encountering a similar issue like that today then first let me put your heart and mind in comfort by stating that your messages are deleted but they can be still recovered. Losing official and memorable text messages can be very saddening and frustrating if you never meant to delete them. This can get really very ugly if the deleted messages are important official messages or bank statements or notes from your friends and families.

Well, first of all, this can be a disastrous moment but at the same do not panic and calm your mind and brain down so that you can think straight. In this course, we will show you how to recover deleted sms from Android phone and get them back to save this embarrassing moment. Secondly, you can surely recover the messages from your Gmail account if you have saved them earlier but in most cases no one really back up their text messages assuming they will stay forever unless you delete them.

Now, like we said, it is indeed possible to recover the deleted messages and we will familiarize you to a life-saving software named TunesBro DiskLab for Android. It is an outstanding and incredible program that has saved countless humiliating moments by recovering the deleted data on Android Smartphone. It certainly can recover deleted and lost text messages as well as pictures, music, videos, call logs, WhatsApp, documents and so on. The design of this software is so innovative that even a child can easily operate this program without any confusion.

So to sum up all the features, here’s a small list to show the potential of this program –

  • Recover deleted data due to factory reset, accidental deletion, and virus attack or system failure.
  • Restore any kind of data from broken, water damaged or black screen dead smartphones.
  • Recover over 17 types of data that includes pictures, messages, videos, music, WhatsApp, notes, contacts, etc.
  • Supported in Windows operating system only. Mac and other OS should be added with the new versions.
  • Works with over 2000+ smartphones models such as LG G4/G3/G5, Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, Motorola and all other Android smartphone brands.
  • Money back guarantee if it fails to recover your deleted data.
  • 24X7 technical support.
  • Free lifetime upgrade available.

Manual for using TunesBro DiskLab for Android to recover Deleted SMS

This is one the most clean and simple program that is effortlessly easy to use. The procedure to use this program is mentioned below:

Step 1. Download DiskLab for Android and install it

TunesBro DiskLab for Android is a desktop Android data recovery program, so from your Windows system, download the tool and install it by finishing the step-by-step setup wizard. It is very straightforward and all you have to do is keep pressing next until the program is successfully installed on your PC.

Step 2. Launch DiskLab for Android and Connect your Smartphone

The program will automatically launch after the installation process is completed but if it doesn’t start then double click on the software icon on your desktop to launch it manually. Next, connect your Android smartphone in which you want to recover the SMS from using a USB data cable.

Tip: If it is your first time then your PC will install necessary driver programs and to run everything perfectly, enable the USB debugging mode on your smartphone by going to Settings then Development and check the USB debugging option.

Step 3. Analyze Deleted SMS on your Android phone

Now, it is time to recover your deleted and lost messages by clicking on “Start Scan” button and then let the software monitor your entire smartphone. This process will take several minutes so do not disconnect your phone from PC or else the software will be abruptly interrupted.

Step 4. Recover Deleted SMS on your Android Smartphone

When the scanning is successfully finished, it will let your preview all the deleted messages and also if other data are deleted during this period then they will be shown too on their represented folders. Open the “Messages” folder and select all the messages that you wish to restore then click on “Recover”.

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Work Done! Now, you can check the folder on your PC where you saved your deleted SMS.


In this tutorial, we demonstrated how to recover deleted SMS from Android smartphones using Tunesbro DiskLab for Android. Although, we solely focused on recovering SMS from Android phones but remember this program can recover all types of deleted files from your smartphone without any hesitation. The trial version is free to use but to recover any data, you must upgrade it and register the program. Till then you guys enjoy and have fun!

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