Samsung has confirmed that it will not abandon the brand Galaxy Note due to the recent problems with the Galaxy Note7. In other words, Galaxy Note8 model or whatever name it ultimately did not get to be!

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The report CNET head of mobile division Dee Dzhey Koh said that the Note brand “very much alive”, and she lineup still has “a huge number of loyal customers.”

In principle, and up to this point there is little doubt that the successor to the hapless Galaxy Note7 will be released later this year , but the head of Samsung’s mobile division without much hesitation says that Galaxy Note8 be “better, safer and very innovative.” Well, it makes sense to test this claim in the future.

Popularity line Galaxy Note is not just obvious, sometimes the most ardent fans did very foolishly. Cases of refusal to return the potentially dangerous Galaxy Note7, subject to revocable campaign, even after renovation, completely blocking the ability to charge – a vivid proof of that. Undoubtedly, the fiasco with the Galaxy Note7 caused huge financial damage to the company and the badly battered reputation of the brand, but now that the causes of smartphones Galaxy Note7 fire set , quality control at times amplified, everything should gradually get better. Actually, the last financial report shows Samsung is already getting better, but we’ll talk about it separately.


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