Leaked Photos of iPhone 8 Dummy Model Show Full-Glass Design, Dual Rear and Front Cameras


Since the launch of iPhone 7.evryone is talking about Iphone 8.Iphone 7 for its dual camera’s upgraded specs and many more amazing features.but the sale of apple iphone 7 was not succesfully.Anyways, a recent hands-on pic  of iphone 8 is leaked by @SlashLeaks.The picture shows the rear view of iphone 8.The image is not very impressive.

Geskin claimed that he shaw the blue prints of Iphone 8 and shared renders based onn those.On 23 april 2017 morning,he posted the most accurate pics based on blueprints of iphone 8.

This is the 10th anniversary of  iPhone.So everyone is excited to about it.We also expected that there are some major changes will come in iphone 8.According to some reports,the apple iphone 8 will feature a stainless steel metal frame and a edgey display.Some reports also said that the iphone 8 will not have bezels on top and botton.All the sensors,iris,fingerprint touch id speaker,front camera will be embedded in display itself. The iphone 8 will use OLED screens on their device. The 5.8-inch screen is said to feature a main 5.15-inch display area with a reserved ‘function area’ below for virtual buttons.It will also a full glass front.

Some reports claim that iphone 8 will equip with wireless charging technology and a iris scanner and a bigger a battery.More over,it will have 3D camera too.It sound amazing.

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