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Clash Of Clans apk Christmas Update December 2016

clash of clasn december update
clash of clasn december update

Update 19 dec: Clash of Clans 8.709.2 apk 19 December Update download: Clash of clans one of the best game for android and ios. They are going to release its Winter Update today 4gmt. All the players of this game are excited for its winter update cause everyone like snow fall on their defenses and town hall J etc. and falling snow. So this update is coming with lots of changes and game balancing, a new Christmas tree is there.

Let’s talk about things which are coming on this update & there is suspense in clashmas tree gift box. No one knows what is in it.

Now let’s see what are the changes and balancing

App Name:Clash of Clans
File Name:clash-of-clans-8.709.2.apk
Uploaded:19th December 2016
File Size:61.87 MB

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What’s New in Clash of Clans Christmas Update December 2016

  • New Town Hall 11 Attack Levels
  • Barbarian King levels 41-45
  • Archer Queen levels 41-45
  • Clan Castle level 7
  • Golem level 6
  • Hog Rider level 7
  • Poison Spell level 5

These key additions to TH11 help sharpen the line between TH11 and TH10 gameplay, providing some needed attacking resilience.

clash of clasn december update
clash of clans December update

Clan Castle level 7 is an especially critical attack boost, allowing donation of larger Spells like Rage and Freeze!

  • Poison Spell radius slightly increased

Poison’s small range makes it harder to use than it needs to be. An increased range demands less pixel-perfect precision.

  • Witch damage and hit points increased

Witch still isn’t quite where we want her to be. This cautiously optimistic boost focuses more on her direct damage.

  • Balloons attack after reaching their target slightly sooner
  • Dragon attack speed increased (DPS is unchanged)
  • P.E.K.K.A attack speed increased (DPS is unchanged)

Fast-attacking units like Valkyrie and Bowler have left these power-hitters feeling rigid and slow. Faster attacking gives them a proper chance to flex their muscles.

  • NEW: Wizard Tower level 10 (TH 11)

Wizard Tower level 9 available at Town Hall 10 (was TH11 previously)

Late-game Wizard Towers fall a bit behind other, better established defenses. This level boost especially affects tower hit points.

  • Wall level 12 (TH11: max 50 pieces)

As we slowly phase in TH11-level walls, improving Wall utility is an area we have our eye on for future balancing updates.

Upgrade Discounts (time and/or cost):

  • Barbarian King levels 31-40
  • Archer Queen levels 26-40
  • Wall levels 10-11
  • Wizard Tower levels 3-9
  • Clan Castle levels 5-6
  • Hog Rider (all levels)
  • Golem (all levels)

 Other Updates:

  • New 15m and 30m options for Friendly War challenges
  • Clan Mail cool down reduced from 12h to 1h
  • Better organized Builder Suggestions

NEW: Events!

Last but not least, be sure to check out the new Events button/tab.

We’re immensely excited to start featuring in-game special events on a regular basis!


Hope you all have control your patience.



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