Vidmate app review- why you should be using it


Vidmate is an app free to download and use for android and windows devices, this app is a portal for video download that allows access to video files from various hosting sites. Popular easy to use and safe, Vidmate when quarried, lists working videos links. The links provided by vidmate are scoured from different video hosting sites and download portals allowing the user a range of download choices. This app although new, already has more than 50,000 users and the number is only growing. This app supports all formats and even allows you to download from youtube, facebook and other websites.

 #How it works

Vidmate is more or less a precise and focused search engine for videos, with one click the user will have scoured a number of portals to find the best downloadable version of the video they are looking for. Vimeo, Dailymoon, YouTube, Tumblr are among the commonly known video download portals, that one may have to serf individually to find a certain video; unless they have the Vidmate app. Vidmate brings to you an aggregate of links from these sites in one place, so the user saves on effort and time. The links provided by the app allow you to finally choose which portal to download the video from, therefore there is no need to download multiple video downloading softwares from multiple sites.


Choice of quality

The app also allows one to choose the quality of video they would like to download, accordingly it is the user’s discretion as to how much space is used for a video download. Along with movies and T.V series, music videos are also available for download.
Addition of secondary video portal

Vidmate gives the user the option to add secondary video portals that they prefer or trust, to the vidmate interface; thus  when quarried the links from these sites become available on vidmate allowing one to choose the site they trust and are familiar with to download from.

Apps available on vidmate

Vidmate install also allows you to download games and other apps directly from the app itself, although it does not provide updates, they can still be easily updated from Google play store.


– Vidmate downloads videos in parallel part increasing the download speed.
– Allows to pause, resume and break the download if the website allows it.
– You can have the option to delete and restart the video download if needed.
– This app asupports download of the large files, even over 1 GB.
– Supports various formats like MP4, FlV, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MPEG etc.
– Simultaneously multiple files can be downloaded.
– The download will show in the background.
– This app automatically detects the link of the browser and start to download from it.
– It will automatically detect available space and list videos which you can dowload considering the memory left to use.
-About 50,000 high quality songs are available.
– Covers videos in several regional languages.
– No buffering when playing the file.
– Download recorded sports video.


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