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How to Enable OTG Support for Android Mobiles .

Do you need to activate OTG cable support in any android running device ? and wish to attach to attach OTG cable to any android device ? if yes then read this article carefully because now we are going to tell how you can do it on any android device.

OTG additionally known as ‘On The Go’ is essentially a feature that you’ll connect USB drive to Android phone with the help of OTG. several smartphones already accompany OTG support changed by default however some smartphone has to enable it manually. therefore today in this guide we’ll tell you ways in which to change OTG feature in any smartphone without root

    How to Enable OTG Support for Android Mobiles .

How to Enable OTG Support for Android Mobiles

  • First of all go to play store and search for “Usb OTG support checker” and download it.
  • Now open the app and check whether your device support otg connection or not.
  • Once you click on Check USB OTG support.
  • It will start checking
  • After one or two minutes you will see the msg like ” Your Device is supported by OTG” only if you’r device support it.
  • Now once it’s confirmed that your device support OTG. yo

File manager which came with android smartphone doesn’t support otg support and users become sad and thinks they will never be able to use otg in their smartphone. but you can enable it by download Es file explorer. Here are steps 🙂

  1. First of all visit playstore then search for “ES file explorer”.
  2. Now take your OTG and connect it with your Mobile.
  3. Once you download es file explorer.
  4. Open it
  5. as soon as you open it you will see the message like “Enable USB OTG Support”
  6. Now tap on yes.
  7. Done 🙂

So this was our article on how to enable OTG support on any android device without root.

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