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[Apk] Clash of Clans 8.551.4 October 2016 Update 12 Oct: Download Here


Clash of clans V8.551.412 October update: Download Clash of Clans 8.551.4 October 2016 apk latest version.Finally here is another big update for clash of clans.Supercell just announces lots of new features in the upcoming October 2016 update.As the new game of supercell is released, i.e., Clash Royale the player of the clash of clans is going less active on the clash of clans. As a result, there is a very less active player left in Clash of Clans.In this COC October apk update, new defense level is also added as shown below. Like new Mortal, new X-Bow, a new level of Tesla coil, etc.


So to keep the interest of old player Supercell is making massive changes in Clash of Clans apk in this October 2016 update.It includes lots of new upgrades, new troops; Baby Dragon 4 can now be unlocked at Town Hall 10.That changes the overall gameplay strategy of the Clash of Clans.Many new things are added in Town Hall 9,10 and 11.

We provided the complete list of the changelog added below.You can also download the latest clash of clans October 2016 13 october apk from the direct link given below for android.

#Clash of Clans October 2016 Update


  • A new level 7 Wizard has been introduced in Town Hall 10. Earlier, Wizard maximum level was 6.
  • The hitpoints and damage have of level 6 Wizard been increased.
  • Wizard level 6 can now be unlocked at Town Hall 9 instead of TH10.
  • Hidden Tesla level 9 has been added in TH11.
  • Hidden Tesla’s damage to P.E.K.K.A is now decreased to 1x instead of 2x.
  • Baby Dragon level 5 has been added to Town Hall 11. Earlier maximum level for Baby Dragon was 4.
  • Baby Dragon 4 can now be unlocked at Town Hall 10 instead of TH11.
  • In TH11, Mortar can be upgraded to level 10.
  • The damage from Mortar level 8 and 9 have been increased.
  • Skeleton Spells will now spawn much more skeletons.
  • Cloned troops will now stay for a longer period.
  • The hitpoints of Bowler has been decreased.
  • Dragon level 6, X-Bow level 5 and 25 extra walls have been added in TH11.
  • The upgrade cost and time has been decreased for many troops and buildings.
  • Many changes in Clan Wars.


This new clash of clans October update will be going to be very excited because this update brings lots and lots of new Troops, New levels of Defence, lots of balancing is done in it.The cost of many troops and building is dropped down.Stay tuned for the latest update and keep visiting for new updates on Clash of Clans.


1.Download Clash of Clans October 8.551.4.apk

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