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SHARE it app reaches 600 Mn Users overall


SHAREit is a cross platform sharing application that is taking the world by storm. It has recently completed its 600 million-user target.Lenovo SHAREit was launched in 2012, it eliminated the need for cable or bluetooth to share files from one device to another. SHAREit has reached its goal in a very short span of its operation.


While 500 million users come from all over the world, 100 million users directly came from Indian market. SHAREit recognises the strength of Indian market and released its new plan for the next two years.

Co founder Michael Qui says “ China has a mature market, whereas, the Indian market is the future” It has been a great year for SHAREit to reach a level above to its competitors in this early stage of operation.

According to SHAREit founder, they would be opening its office in India soon. This would be needing at least 20 – 30 recruitment at the earliest possible. The team would be consisting of senior management staff and few engineers.

The reason behind SHAREit flourishing is due to its unique features and lightening speed to transfer files and documents. Gone are those days when it was a task to share data with devices like iPhone or iPad from Android or Window phone users. SHAREit has reduced this gap and got a revolution in technology across the world.

SHAREit owner discloses that they would be concentrating on content sharing rather than their marketing strategies. As per them, people love to share pictures, videos and apps with their friends and family. But due to low connectivity and high efforts it almost became impossible.

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SHAREit actually allow users to share some awesome stuff, for instance, Videos, pictures, documents, files, presentations etc. SHAREit is a much more useful app than we expect, it enables you to connect to your laptop via mobile phone. This allows users to manage their powerpoint presentations through their smartphones.

SHAREit has also released some “DOit” apps recently, for example, REACHit, SYNCit, WRITEit, SEEit and many more. We are sure SHAREit is going to turn the world around with its amazing and useful applications soon.

As per recent reports, the app developers and founders are also trying hard to market this app further in its most popular audiences in India. Yes, the app will introduce some nice, new features along with further working on the speed and appeal of the application. Shareit has managed to become the most popular file sharing app of the country, and they also plan to move out in United states of America, as there is a huge potential there.

Once the app gets popular, they might introduce some paid features which will further add to the glory of the app. Anyways, let’s see what more is to come from the developers of Shareit.

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