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GTA Go aka Grand Theft Auto Go is Real ?


After the viral game that is Pokemon go there is new rumor about the new game similar to Pokemon go that is Grand theft auto go aka GTA GO which is also based on augmented reality just like Pokemon go.The purpose of this game, carry out missions like in real life, steal a car and kill everyone of course in virtual reality.

Lots of memes and screenshot are gone viral on internet of Gta GO game running on an i Phone showing Grand theft auto go available soon no releases date or launch date is there .Just like the below image i don’t think its is going to be real because there is no official new about gta go by Rockstar.


Here are some funny memes on GTA go

JCbEzfX wh-grand-theft-auto-go-app-comes-out-man-stealing-a-car-pokemon-go

One more rumour is going on that in upcoming GTA that GTA 7 there will be Pokemon go mini game inside it you just have to pick you phone out in GTA and start playing Pokemon go that will be more interesting than real life.

So what you think will it ever going to release is yes would you like to play this GTA go game.

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