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Facebook Changed Pages Layout thats Sucks 2016!

facebook page layout 2016

Facebook just Changed the layout of the Facebook pages timeline that looks very sick and reminds me about the old Facebook page.I am Dam sure you will also don’t like the new Facebook page layout and want to get back to old one, but I don’t think, so there is any way to do that.

Let’s check out the new 2016 July Facebook Page layout update.

facebook page layout 2016

How the Facebook page looks previously


and how Facebook page looks line back in 2012 and 2013



After comparing the old one and the latest one, we can see that lots things are similar that is kinda weird why do facebook choose this old looking layout.Do lets us know how much you liked the new page layout.

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  • Its STUPID! They stuck photos and videos about posts! The photos/vids are more static when your posts are more timely/relevant. This is horrible for content driven pages that want to get info to their fans. AND WORST OF ALL theres no way to reorganize these items. I dont care about the banner. Great, its smaller. But that banner is a quick hit but not the purpose people are visiting your page. I wish they would stay out of our page since we’re PAYING for bringing our fans to our page for our content, etc. They should NOT Control such business pages. I hope they change it SOON! or give us the ability to do so.