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How to get always on feature on any device on kitkat, lollipop

Samsung just released it two new flagship device that is Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.A unique feature of these devices is Always On display feature.It is quite similar feature that Moto phone has, i.e., Moto Display keep your screen awake and shows your time, date, Missed Call and SMS log directly on the screen while it is locked.Same work is done by Always on Display feature in Samsung Galaxy S7.


This Always on Display feature is also available in Oneplus and Lg device.But you can also get this Always ON Display feature on any device running on Kitkat, Lollipop as well as in marshmallow.

To Activate Always on Display Feature in your device you just need a thrid party App called Always on Ambient Clock.apk on play store without root.Follow below steps on How to enable Always ON feature on your device.

#How to get Always on Feature on Any device.

1.Download Always On: Ambient Clock.apk from the link is given below.
2.Now install it on your Device.
3.Set the layout the features according to your need.
4.Done! Now you got Always ON display feature on your device Too.

#Features of Always ON App
Why would you reach out to the power button every time you want to glance at the time?
This app saves you this daily effort by showing an elegant clock that gives your phone a nice, customizable look, when the screen is turned off! 


This app works best with AMOLED displays since only a portion of the display works which means that it doesn’t drain your battery.

To know what’s your device’s screen technology, follow this link and search for your phone: 

This app was inspired by the Always On feature of Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 and the new LG G5.

You have the ability to customize the clock however you want like:

-Changing the font of the clock from 700 different fonts! (PRO only)
-changing the font size
-changing the font color
-changing the opacity of the clock
-choosing whether to show seconds or not
-choosing whether to use 24-hour mode or not

Extra Features:-Double tap to unlock (LG knock on!)
-Clock moves every 10 seconds to prevent burn-in
-Missed calls and SMS Notifications-The clock is hidden when the device is flipped or in your pocket!!

Warning: it is recommended to keep the “brightness” and “clock -> opacity” in the app’s settings as low as possible to conserve battery usage.

Alert: Always On does not work with third party screen lockers. So ensure to delete or disable any third party locker if you have 


If you don’t like the app there are some there apps that can be used as an alternative of Always ON : Ambient Clock.You can try the AcDisplay and Stay Alive apps. The download links are given below.

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