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How to use USB Flash Drive as Ram?

During operation,many programs takes a
lot of memory.Processing speed of any computer depends on your ram.In
some of the old computers,ram is very low.In such computers playing
games or watching videos becomes highly impossible as these consume a
lot of ram.In these cases USB flash memory can be used to increase the
performance of your computer.

Microsoft provides an inbuilt option
called ReadyBoost in Windows 7 and Windows 8.Ready Boost is nothing but a
disk cache component of Microsoft.It was first introduced in Windows
Vista in 2006 and later bundled in Windows 7 in 2009.Generally,Ready
boost works on SD card,external hard drive,compact flash in addition to
USB flash drive.With the help of
Ready Boost your computer speed increases,reduces the application
loading time,reduces restart and shutdown time and many more.

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Follow these simple steps to use Ready Boost: 

1.Insert the USB Flash drive to your PC.
2.Format it using FAT file system.Make sure that there are no files present in it.
3.Now right click on it and go to properties.
4.Select ReadyBoost.
5.Select “Use this device” and in ‘space to reserve for system speed’ choose maximum space to reserve system speed.

6.Click on Apply and then OK
7.You are done.


1.Do not copy any files in the pendrive when it is being used as Ready Boost device.
2.Do not pull out your pendrive abruptly when it is being used as Ready Boost device.

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