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Play Jumping Kitty on iOS and Android by Zplay

We all are addicted to playing games on our mobile device no matter on which OS it is running it can be Android, iOS or Windows.Today we are going to share most addictive game for iOS as well as Android.The name of the game is “Jumping Kitty” developed by  Lemon Jam Studio and to be released by Zplay.

Lemon Jam is a creative indie team by three young Chinese fellows. Focusing on making quick-fix creative games in App Store. 7 games by Lemon Jam Studio have already been featured homepage for over 800 times in App Store.

ZPLAY(Beijing) Information Technologies Co., Ltd was founded in 2010, focused on mobile games distribution and research and development.

Now coming back to our game that is Jumping Kitty we will tell you what all about this games is and how to play it but before starting I warn you this game is challenging, and you need to have lots of concentration and if you missed you will dive into the sea.


Jumping kitty is an action or adventure game in which you have to collect coins as much as possible to unlock new skins of kitty.You can play on Android as well as iOS device.The game is not yet released on the market but soon by the end of April or beginning of May and available for download.

#How to Play Jumping Kitty

The gameplay of this game is really simple you just have to jump on the moving bars up and down and collect gold coins in between then and if you missed any bar you would directly dive into the sea, and game will be over Moreover if you are little bit late in making the jump you will hit on the side spike that will also result in game over.

Some more details about the game.

Game: Jumping Kitty

OS: iPhone+iPad+Android

Category: Action/Adventure

Publishing Area: Global

Developer: Lemon Jam Studio

Once you collected sufficient amount of coins then you can buy new character in the game besides this you will be getting bonus gold coins every after 5 min or by watching an advertisement.


One should play the game once I bet you will surely like the game.This game is just as challenging as flappy birds.Hope so you like our review.

Update: Jumping Kitty will be available soon on iOS on 21st April (Next Thursday, Beijing time)!

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