Full Guide: How to Use Xmodgames v2.1.1 on Android and iOS

Today we are here to help you in using Xmodgames in both android and iOS.For those who are searching for what is Xmodgames : Xmodgames is a free software that will increase the gaming performance of the user by providing useful mods and assistant tools.Note:It is not a hacking tool that hack server based games it just help you in offline mode.


Names Of Tools : Xmodgames

►What can you do with Xmodgames?

Save time for gamers,Improve gaming efficiency,Better game experience

#Games Supported in Xmodgames and there mods

1.Clash of clans:

►Useful mods

  • Search Loot 
  • Real Time Traps
  • Sandbox Attack 
  • Dead Base Search & Save Perfect Player

2.Minecraft PE

►Useful mod:

  • TMI 
  • Add Items 
  • Add Mobs 
  • Teleport 
  • Backpack Management

3.Clash Of Kings: 

 ►Useful mod:

  • Auto Resource Collect


►Useful mod:

  • Random Skin

5.8 Ball Pool:

►Useful mod:

  • Skip FREE Building

6.Subway Surfer:

►Useful mod: 

  • Multiplier Scores

7.Criminal Case: 

►Useful mod:

  • Unlimited Coins

More game mods info can be click here:

#Other features  of XModgames

1.Gadgets to enhance social interactions in games.
2.Build-in Screen Capture & Smooth HD Record.
3.Forums and Chatroom to Discuss & Share Live Game Experience.
4.Recommend Interesting Tools to Download.

#How to install Xmodgames

☆For Android user
Rooted mobile is needed.Android version required kitkat and lollipop.
Not supported devices:Android 6.0 Marshmallow and X86 devices

1.Download Xmodgames v2.1.1 and install in your device

2.You have to grant root permission to XMG in root access management tool like SuperSU

☆For iOS user

Jailbroken iDevice is needed

1.Install Xmodgames with IPA file in your mobile
If you are lazy to follow above steps,you can 

1) Click this link Download Xmodgames for iOS
2) Click”install” to install Xmodgames installer
3) install Xmodgames

2.Install Xmodgames in cydia:

1)open cydia
2)Go to “Sources” and tap on “Edit”
3)Tap on “Add”
4)Enter http://apt.xmodgames.com and tap on “Add Source”
5)search Xmodgames and install it

#How to use Xmodgames

1.Install the game.
2.Open Xmodgames and click the game icon in it.
3.Install mod and launch it.


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