Android M update: Which Device Will Get the Android M Update first

Android M is officially released by Google on Google I/O 2015 event,Now many questions are arises that 
1.which mobile or tablet will get the Android M update first?
2.When will android M officially released for the smartphone? 
3.which devices will get the android Update?

We are here to Answer these questions There are many brand in market in which we will talk about some to the popular Mobile brands that are in race i.e Google,LG,Sony,Motorola,Samsung, HTC etc.

1.Google Nexus Android M Update

#Firstly we will talk about Nexus devices.That already got the Android M Developer preview.yes you read it correct But how to Download the Android M developer preview for your smart Mobile.

Download Android M pre-release version for Nexus Device

 As Nexus 4 and nexus 10 will also get the Android M Update and Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 are also in queue.

2.HTC Android M Update news

According to Jeff Gorden  (Senior Global Online Communications Manager at HTC Corp) HTC One M9 and HTC One M9+ will get the android M Update  Soon,But for HTC One M8 there no clear News about the Android Update of it yet but hope fully it is also in queue.

3.Motorola Android M Update news

Motorola is as fast as Google in proving Android Update so fast to there Moto Devices.As Moto X(2014) will be going to get android Update Android M where as the new Moto G(2014) and Moto E (2015) will also get the benefit of Android M update.

4.Samsung Android M update news

As there is no news about the commitment for the latest android Update Android M for the deices yet But we are assuming that Samsung galaxy S6 and s6 edge will get the Android M update as will as including Galaxy Note 4 will also get the latest android update to Android M.

5.Sony Android M update news

Sony also not yet discussed about the latest android released date yet but the Sony Xperia Z3, Z3 + and Z4 will get the android M update.

6.LG Android M update news

Although there is no major new about the android M update for LG but as most reputed device of L.G i.e LG G3, LG G pro and LG G4
will get the android M update soon.


Now we cans say that the device which are power full or not but still can get the android update so we have clear image with that the device is having good processor ,internal memory and Ram will going to get Android M update.Share You thoughts on it in comments.


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