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How to Root the Moto E (Android 4.4.4) Simplest Way for Begginers (with pictures)

Here is step by step guide on how to root Motorola Moto e 4.4.4 (with pictures).

As we all  know that Motorola release  The awesome mobile phone i.e Moto E at Such an affordable price and with high end specification.Moto e can also play high end game without a single lag with awesome performance.

Many of you fearing of rooting Moto E but there is no risk of rooting you mobile you just gaining administrative right and then you can unlock the power of you Moto E .After rooting you can Customize your UI and install Custom Rom’s That will increase you Moto E performance and also battery life.And you can many game of large size on same time by placing the data files in your SD card the list is so long to tell what are the advantages of rooting.

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Without taking time lets start how to root Moto E (without computer).


#Things you need before rooting your Moto E 

Just Download the below file in you PC as you need all the thing while rooting tour Moto E.

2.Download mfastboot-v2 extract its content(small size and easy|)

3.Download SuperSu Zip

Now you are ready to Start Rooting your Moto E.

#Steps to Unlock Bootloder of Moto E.

1.Do back up of your data as it will reset your device.
2. Turn Off your Device.
3. Turn The device On again by holding volume down button and power key for 5 sec and release it.You will see  Boot loader will be open on the screen.Like below image.
4. Now plug your device with you PC.
5. Now open MFastboot folder where you extracted it Now Hold the shift key and right click on the mouse the in any black space in that folder you will see open command window here click on that.
6. Now Command from will be open type the below code in that window.

               fastboot oem get_unlock_data


7.  Now you will some some code in different line just copy that code in notepad and delete all the blank space so that  you will  get a single line string.
8. Now copy that link and head towards motorola’s unlock the boot loader site (Sign on the site with you Gmail Id or Google +).


9. Paste the long code in the site and click on Can my device be unlocked.
10. If it can. then,the Request Unlock key button will appear below. Check I agree and click Request Unlock Key. The unlock key will then be
send via email to the email you logged in with to the Motorola site.
11.When you get the key in your gmail id now copy that code and go back to command prompt and type the following code and hit enter.
                   Code:        fastboot oem unlock YOURKEY

12. Congratulation you Just unlocked you bootloader.


Now you need to Flash CWM recovery in you Moto E.

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#Flash CWM recovery in you Moto E

1. Copy SuperSu.zip in you Device memory that you downloaded  above .
2. Now turn OFF you Mobile.
3. Then Tunr On it gain By holding Volume button and power button at the same time for 6 sec and release it you will again see the  boot loader.Now pug you device with yor PC.
4.Then copy CWM recovery.img that you Downloaded above and paste it Mfastboot folder.
5.Now in go back to command prompt that should be still open of you can open it gain as you open before.
6.Now type the below code in command prompt and hit enter.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img


Note :recovery.img is the name of the CWM recovery that you downloaded  above steps so you can rename according to the name of the file that you paste in the tools folder.

7.You have succesfully flashed Recovey in your Moto E.

8. Now tap volume down button on your Moto E  to highlight the recovery option in the boot loader And  Press volume Up button to select it.


9.In Recovery ,Select Install from sdcard  Option using volume down button to navigate and power button to select it.

10.Select install zip from sdcard  the select 0 (0 is the location of internal storage )  and now select supersu.zip and flash it bu pressing  Yes option.

Now select yes to install it.

11.Now wait for few seconds until installation in progress.

12.Now Select advanced > reboot to bootloader.Select No if asked to fixed the SuperSu issue.


13. Now Again go to Command prompt and  type the below code in the command prompt (This code is same as above we are using it again so that recovery can stick to it.)


fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

14.Select reboot device.

  15.Congratulations You have successfully rooted you Moto E.
16.Now next tutorial is for how to install Custom Roms on Moto E.
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