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[Guide]How to install APK Multi-tool for editing .apk files step by step

As we all know Apk multi tool is is a famous and most reliable tool used for Editing/modifying  .APK file easily.This tool is very useful when you want to decompile ,recompile and sign app.

If you want to edit or change something in your  apk file you can use APK multitool for free .Through this tutorial how to run apk tool on your computer/pc.

Prerequired files.

1.java 1.6 and above installed (To download, click here)
2.Android SDK (Check- “How to setup Android SDK on PC?“)
3.APK Multi-Tool Utility (To download, click here)

Step to do: 


  • Extract the downloaded zip file anywhere you want

  • Open the folder and right click on “setup” batch file and run as administrator
  • Command window will appear and ask you to enter choice

First choose “Option 3″ that is setup directories and hit ENTER

Afterwards choose “Option 2″ that is Install Framework-Res and hit ENTER

  • After that you’ll see some extra directories in APK Multi-Tool folder
  • Run batch file named “Script”. You will see APK Multi-Tool interface now!

So, this tutorial is all about installing or get APK tool running on your PC.

Next tutorial will be how to edit apk file through apk multitool.

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