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How to convert dual Audio movie to single audio

Generally when we play dual audio movies the audio which is already been set to
use as default is played with video and we have to change it manually
for other audio, but some players are there which doesn’t support to
select from multiple audio, if you convert these video files for mobile the audio will be default same as played on PC so by using free software “Freemake Video Converter” I’m going to show you easy steps to convert dual audio movies to single audio.
Everybody knows how to convert a video whether it’s for mobile
or onto other formats and seriously video converters is one of the most
important software a user need and if we look at today there are
numerous number of mobile categories supports different resolutions and
so there is a demand of converter which outputs quality file, Format Factory
is the software widely used for conversion and can be use for
converting dual to single audio as well but I have always preferred Freemake
because it’s very easy to use, gives ultimate and support several
formats, so let me tell you some other tweaks you can add/ remove to


  1. Add/ Remove audio
  2. Add/ Remove subtitles (.srt)

There are 2 easy methods:

  1. By Freemake Video Converter
  2. By Format Factory




  • .Net Framework 4.0 or above DOWNLOAD NOW(ver. 4.5, 49.65 MB)
  • Freemake Video Converter DOWNLOAD NOW (ver.3.2.1, 24.60 MB)


> Open the converter, add the dual-audio movies by simple drag & drop.
> Now hover and click on the audio file as shows in image below and select the audio to set as default.

Note: you can also add another audio file which is in different language and can convert to single/ double/ triple audio supported movies or whichever you want

To add subtitles, you should have the .SRT file for that particular
video, I think it’s not a tough  job to find the subtitles files of a
video from internet. (You can add several subtitle files as per your need)

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