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Facebook Chat Text Generator Creates Funky Image Text

Smileyti.me has another amazing online tool for creating image based text for your facebook chat, so with this the text gets funky and cannot be written normally. Its another online chat emoticon tool which we posted earlier is also somewhat same thing but that allows you to upload your own image and than use the generated codes for sharing that image with your friends on facebook.
 text emoticons facebook chat

So now this does tool does not include any image uploading headache or anything but you just need to write your text and than it will format that text automatically and show you the result as live preview. The best it also includes all the smileys image so if you add any smiley like ๐Ÿ™‚ you can see some good examples.

So write your text and than copy the code which is generated right there, now just paste that code into the friends chat box that it boom you will have your image text transferred like on the image above so easily

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