[Latest] Download Gapps 7.1 for Cm 14.1 and nougat 7.1


Full form of Gapps is Google Apps so by the name you can understand Gapps are Gmail , Google+ , Google Drive , Google Market/Playstore , Google Musics , Google Docs , Goole Earth , Google Search , Youtube , and etc etc. By the way all these apps are pre-installed on every mobile so you don’t have to download it from anywhere. But if you will install any custom rom like Marshmallow , Nougat then these Gapps will not available.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get if you install custom rom you can downoad Gapps from Internet and you easily flash it in your device simple. So as from title you can understand that today we are giving you the download link and info of Gapps from Nougat 7.1/CM14.1. This will only work for Nougat Rom that’s mean you can’t use it with any other version of Android / Custom Rom. There are different Gapps avaiable for different Custom ROM.


Gapps is property of Google and there is no any issue in this Gapps Yet. For flashing this app you have to installed any custom recovery must like TWRP or CWM. This Gapps only support Andoroid 7.1 / CyanogenMod 14.1. there are different variants of Gapps all the variants are listed below :-

  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 ARM Aroma
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 ARM mini
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 ARM stock
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 ARM Super
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 ARM 64 aroma
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 ARM 64 micro
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 ARM 64 mini
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 ARM 64 full
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 ARM 64 tvstock
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 X86 Aroma
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 X86 Full
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 X86 Super
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 X86 Nano
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 X86 pico
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 X86-64 Mini
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 X86-64 Micro
  • Gapps Android 7.1/CM14.1 X86-64 Pico.

Prerequisties :-

  1. Make sure to chare your mobile upto 80%
  2. Backup your device
  3. Install CWM or TWRP
  4. Will work only android 7.1 / CM 14.1

Download Google Apps For Android Nougat 7.1 ( Download and Installation Process )

If you don’t know how to find your architecture you can find it by using Cpuz  App .

Download Google Apps For 7.1 Anrdoid Check your variant and hit it up and download it.

ARM ARM 64 X86 X86-64  
Aroma Aroma Aroma Aroma  
Super Super Super Super  
Stock Stock Stock Stock  
Full Full Full Full  
Micro Micro Micro Micro  
nano nano nano nano  
Pico Pico Pico PICO  


  • Once you download the gapps paste it in your Mobile’s SD card using pc or lappy.
  • Now boot into recover mode by pressing and hold Volume down and power button simultaneously.
  • Then you will see recovery option there just select it using volume up button
  • Then in TWRP recovery mode do wipe , clear cache and dalvik cache and clear partition
  • Then go to install and select your Gapps and swipe to Flash it.
  • That’s All.

Great ! You have successfully installed Android 7.1’s Gapps on your device.

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